Attendance Tool

Some instructors who teach face-to-face use attendance data as part of their students' overall grades. The Attendance Tool allows you to mark whether a student is present, late, absent, or excused. The overall Attendance score appears in a single column worth 100 pts in the Grade Center.

WARNING: Summer 2020, date titles stopped displaying at the top of each attendance column. The workaround removes help added to UI's custom version of BbLearn. Our experience has been most instructors don't like the limitations of the Attendance tool and instead use manual columns for attendance. However, if you are committed to using the Attendance tool, please contact for assistance in manually switching your course to the "Default US English" language.

NOTE: The very first time you enter the Attendance Tool in a Course, a Grade Center Column is automatically created for Attendance and is assigned a value of 100 pts. Once this column is created, it cannot be deleted nor can its 100 pt value be modified.

If you decide not to use the Attendance Tool, follow the steps below to exclude its column from all calculations:

Clear Out Old Meetings

WARNING: If you copy a course from one semester to the next which contains the Attendance tool, all Attendance meetings recorded in the previous term are brought over into the current term. Additionally, if a current student was also enrolled in the previous semester, their attendance score will be imported from the previous semester into the current course.

To delete Attendance meetings that do not pertain to the current semester (along with any student scores), go into the attendance tool and delete each meeting one at a time through the Attendance Overall View by selecting Delete meeting.

Watch Tutorial

(1:23 min video)

Setup Attendance in a Course

  • From your course's Control Panel, expand Course Tools.
  • Select Attendance.
  • Select the purple 'X' box to accept the default setup.
  • A corresponding attendance column automatically appears in the Grade Center.
  • Change the settings anytime by clicking on the Settings icon () available in both the Meeting View and the Overall View.
  • Note: ALWAYS go to Course Tools > Attendance to take Attendance.

Attendance Meeting View

The Meeting View allows you to mark student attendance. It is the only view that allows you to clear an attendance mark for a student.

  • Go to Course Tools > Attendance. By default, you'll see the Meeting View for the current day.
  • Mark each student's attendance by clicking on the appropriate cell for their row.
    • Present: Set at 100%. You can't change the percentage at this time.
    • Late: Default is set at 50%. Adjust the percentage in the Settings panel.
    • Absent: Set at 0%. You can't change the percentage at this time.
    • Excused: Counts as Present for scoring purposes. Excused won't negatively impact a student's overall attendance grade. The grade pill displays a null or empty value (--).
  • Your choices are saved as you go and displayed to students immediately. Scores are always shown as percentages in the Meeting View regardless of the schema chosen in the Settings panel ().
  • Use the Previous Meeting and Next Meeting arrows to navigate between meetings.
  • TIP: It may save you time to click on the Present status heading to mark all students as present and then go back to alter the status for individual students, as needed.
  • Select a student name to view a summary of their overall attendance record. Select the purple 'X' box when you are done viewing. (This view is read-only.)

Attendance Overall View

The Overall View allows you to mark attendance, view attendance history and class summary statistics, and create/rename/delete meetings. Note: Overall View is not available on small devices.

  • Go to Course Tools > Attendance and press the Overall button.
  • The most recent meeting appears on the right side of the screen. Purple cells indicate a mark has not be designated for a student. Purple column headers indicate the column still has cells that have not received a mark.
  • The Overall View allows you to create meetings in addition to the standard "TODAY" meeting. This lets you to record attendance for past meetings or attendance for additional meetings within a single day. To do this:
    • Hover your cursor between the titles (dates) for two existing meetings.
    • Select the plus icon that appears to insert a new meeting.
  • Once the new meeting is created, you may change its title (date)
    • Click on the new meeting title.
    • Select Edit meeting.
    • Select a different date
      All meetings are chronologically sorted when you close and open the Attendance page. If you have meetings in the future, the Meeting view still opens to the most recent TODAY meeting.
  • The Overall View allows the following actions via the date column header menu:
    • Mark all present
    • Mark all absent
    • Clear all marks
    • Exempt meeting
    • Edit meeting
    • Delete meeting

Attendance in the Grade Center

  • You can view attendance in the Grade Center, although you can't mark attendance. Students accumulative attendance scores always appear out of 100 points. The Attendance column cannot be deleted, but you can hide it from your view and/or hide it your students' view.
  • Click on a cell's option icon and select Grade User Activity to view a summary of a student's overall attendance records.
  • You can see how many class meetings the student has missed. Each student's Overall Score appears with the schema you chose in the attendance Settings panel. This view is read-only. At the bottom of the screen, select Return to Grade Center when you are finished viewing the information.

Attendance View for Students

  • Students should go to My Grades.
  • They may click on Attendance to view details.
  • Select Return to My Grades at the bottom of the screen when done reviewing.

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