Grading on a Curve

There is a two-step process used to add a Curve to a Total or Weighted Total (Total/WeightedT). The steps are:

  1. Add a column for the Points-Increase per student
    Points-Increase = Points-Possible * Curve/Extra-Credit Percent
  2. Add a Total Column to hold the Final Grade
    Final Grade = Total/WeightedT + Points-Increase

The Curve must always be entered as points rather than percent in BbLearn (i.e. Points-Increase).

STEP 1: Create a column for the Points-Increase

  • On the Control Panel, click on Grade Center
  • Under Grade Center, click on Full Grade Center
  • On the Full Grade Center page Action Bar, click on Create Column
  • Enter a column name (e.g., Points-Increase, Curve)
  • Enter a point value of 0 (i.e. zero)
  • Press Submit to create the column
  • Next, review your Course Points by clicking on Manage in the Full Grade Center menu.
  • Select Column Organization.
  • Take note of the Points-Possible shown for the Total or the Weighted Total column.
  • Next, calculate Points-Increase = Points-Possible * Curve

    • Take Points-Possible of 100 pts and apply a 5% Curve (0.05):
      Points-Increase = 100 * 0.05 = 5 pts
  • Manually type in the Points-Increase (e.g., 5 pts) into the Points-Increase column for each student.

STEP 2: Create a Final Grade column

Now create a column to combine the Total/WeightedT with the Points-Increase.

  • Select Create Calculated Column > Total Column
  • Enter a Column Name (e.g., Final Grade)
  • Set the Primary and Secondary display options
  • Under Select Columns, check the Selected Columns and Categories option
  • Highlight each column to include in this total (i.e. select the Total or Weighted Total column and the Points-Increase column) and press the right facing arrow to select them
  • Press Submit to create the Final Grade column
  • Compare the Final Grade column to the Total or Weighted Total column to verify that your work is accurate.

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