Letter Grade Schema

Grading schemas take the actual points scored from a graded item and compare it to the total points possible for that item to derive a percentage. This percentage is mapped to a range of scores to display a grade. The Grade Center includes a default grading schema. 

Default Letter Grade Schema

The default BbLearn Letter Grade Schema is displayed below. In most cases, it is best to use the system default so that grades are presented consistently for students. However, it is possible to create new grading schemas to reflect the multiple ways grading is accomplished.

Create Custom Grade Schema

  • From the Control Panel, expand the Grade Center.
  • Click on Full Grade Center.
  • Under the Manage menu, select Grading Schemas.
  • Click the Create a Grading Schema to build a schema from scratch.
  • Or click the option menu next to the default Letter schema, and select Edit.
  • Enter a Name for the Grading Schema
  • Use the Insert Row arrow buttons to add more rows to the grading schema.
  • Use the Delete Row button to remove rows.
  • Modify scores and letter grades as needed.
  • Press Submit to save your work.

Assign Schema to Grade Column

  • In the Control Panel, under the Grade Center.
  • Go to the Full Grade Center.
  • Click the Option menu next to the column you need to assign the grading schema to.
  • Select Edit Column Information.
  • Under Primary Display, select the Grade Schema you created.
  • Note: the Secondary Display only displays in the Instructors Grade Center.
  • If the Letter Grade Schema is applied to non-calculating column you must also set the Points Possible to match the top end of the chosen Letter Grade Schema. If the column is a calculating type of column it will automatically provide the total possible points.
  • Press Submit to save your changes.

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