Weighted Total Column


  1. Setup Categories
  2. Assign Categories to Columns
  3. Setup Weighted Total Column
75 pts Project
45 pts Tests
30 pts Particip.
150 pts
Weighted Total
50% Project
30% Tests
20% Particip.

Weighted totals are calculated based on percentages per assessment category (e.g. projects 50%, tests 30%, participation 20%). The Weighted Total column is a calculated column that generates a weighted total based on percentages per Category.

Steps to setup a Weighted Total column:

  1. Setup Categories
  2. Assign Categories to each column in the grade center
  3. Setup the Weighted Total column to include each Category with its corresponding percentage

The instructions below show you how to do this.

STEP 1: Setup Categories

  • On the Control Panel, expand on Grade Center.
  • Click on Full Grade Center.
  • On the Full Grade Center page action bar, under on Manage select Categories.
  • Review the categories available by default such as Blog, Assignment, Discussion, Test, etc. You may be able categorize all your grades into one of these pre-existing categories. If that's the case, skip down to Step 2.
  • If you need to create a custom category for your grades, click on Create Category.
  • Enter a Name for the Category (e.g., Projects).
  • Press Submit.
  • BbLearn will display a success message at the top of the screen indicating the category was created. You will also be able to see the new category.
  • Press OK in the lower right corner to return to the Full Grade Center.

STEP 2: Assign Categories to Columns

Now you need to categorize every grade column that you want to have included in the weighted total.

  • From the Control Panel, click on Grade Center.
  • Select the Full Grade Center.
  • From the menu at the top of the Grade Center, click on Manage.
  • Select Column Organization.
  • Check the boxes next to the column names that you want to categorize.
  • Under the menu button Change Category to, select the appropriate category.
  • BbLearn will then reference the new Category.
  • Press Submit to save your changes.

STEP 3: Setup Weighted Total Column

When every column has been categorized, you're ready to setup the column weighting. If you don't have a Weighed Total column, you can create one using the Create Calculated Column menu above the Grade Columns.

  • Click the Options menu to the right of the Weighted Total column
  • Select Edit Column Information.
  • Set the Primary display type as Score, Letter Grade, Text, Percentage or Complete/Incomplete.
  • Optionally you can select a Secondary display for yourself.
    Note: Primary is displayed to your Students, and the Secondary grade is not.
  • Under Select Columns, you'll want to select each of the categories you would like to include in the Weighted total, and press the right facing arrow to select them.
  • Note: you can also include individual columns, if needed.
  • Specify the "Weight" or Percentage each column should receive. In the example below, the categories "Tests" and "Projects" are each being weighted at 50%.
    Note: The weight percentage must total to 100%.
  • Select whether you would like your columns weighted Equally (the default) or Proportionally. Equal weighting forces each item be worth the same value as the rest of the items in the category even if the items have been assigned different point values. Proportional weighting allows each item to retain its original point value--giving more weight to items with larger point values.
  • You also have the option of dropping the lowest score at this point.
  • Select "Yes" to Calculate as Running Total which exempts gradable columns with no score. Select "No" to include ALL gradable columns--forcing 0's for no scores. If you select "Yes", you must manually enter zeros for any missed assessments.
  • Press Submit to save your settings.
  • BbLearn displays a success message at the top of the screen to indicate your column edits have been saved.
  • If you've entered grades for either your Student Preview or enrolled students, you should see that reflected in the Weighted Total Column.

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