Download, Upload, and Print Grades

Use Excel to Grade

If your grading requires formulas, you may download to Excel, then upload back to BbLearn. more »

Backup Grades

Download Grade Center to backup your Grades at the end of the semester. more »

Print Grades

Print your full set of grades center using Excel. more »

Print Grade Reports

Print basic grade reports offered by BbLearn. more »


  • BbLearn currently has a bug which prevents the grade center from downloading successfully. This problem occurs whenever one of the grade columns is set to display Letter Grade (rather than Score or Percent). There are two workaround options for this:
    1. Change the column or columns displaying a Letter Grade to display Score or Percent instead.
    2. Hide the column or columns displaying the Letter Grade from the instructor--it is fine to allow the column(s) to continue to display the Letter Grade to your students. When downloading, be sure to indicate "NO" for downloading hidden columns.

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