Print Grade Reports

BbLearn allows for a very basic printing functionality within the Full Grade Center. If you need more extensive control of the printing process, you may want to download your Grade Center to Excel, and then print your grades from there.

  • From the Control Panel, expand Grade Center.
  • Click on Full Grade Center.
  • Under the Reports menu, select Create Report.
  • Under the report's Header Information
    - Give the grade report a name (e.g., Midterm Grade Report).
    - Include the Date the report was run if desired.
    - Include the Course Information (title) if desired.
  • Under Users (i.e. Students), you can choose to include All Users, Users within specific Groups, or just Select Users in your report.
  • Display the Students First and Last names if desired.
  • Under Columns (i.e., Grade Columns), you can choose to include any of the following:
    - only the columns that are currently display in the full grade center
    - all the grade columns
    - columns within a specific category (Learn more about Categories)
    - or just select columns in your report.
  • Under Column Information you can choose to include the column description, due date, and/or statistics such as average and median scores.
  • Under Footer Information you can choose to
    - Include a line where you could write your signature.
    - Include the Date the report was run if desired.
    - Include the Course Information (title) if desired.
  • The Printable Report will pop into a new window or tab in your browser.
  • Each student will be listed, with their respective grades in rows below their name, followed by the next student and their grades.
  • You can typically choose to print this document to a physical printer, or to a PDF document.

Known Issue
When printing, "Page Breaks" may not occur in the correct locations, causing some grade records to be split between two pages.

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