Post Grades to VandalWeb


The Registrar's Office provides a way to import grades from Microsoft Excel into VandalWeb. These instructions also include a method to export the course grades from BbLearn into Excel.

Alternatively, the instructions below show the process of entering BbLearn grades manually one by one into VandalWeb

Enter Grades on VandalWeb

  • Under the Control Panel, expand the Grade Center.
  • Click on the Full Grade Center.
  • Scroll over to the Grade column you want to record in VandalWeb.
  • Open a second Web browser window and go to
  • Arrange the BbLearn and VandalWeb windows so that you can view both side by side.
  • Login to VandalWeb.
  • Once you've logged in, click on the Faculty & Advisor Menu.
  • Select the Grades Menu.
  • Select the option to enter Midterm or Final Grades.
  • Select the Term (semester) you're entering grades for.
  • Select the CRN (course registration number) that you'd like to enter grades for.
  • Use the Grade pull down to enter each student's grade.
  • Press the Submit button when finished.
RECOMMENDATION The VandalWeb application times out after 45 minutes. Be sure to press the Submit button at the bottom of the page frequently during your data entry process to prevent loss of data. 

If you have additional questions regarding the grading process, please contact the Registrar's office:

Office of the Registrar
Student Union Building Room 119
Phone: (208) 885-6731

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