Attach Rubric

Many graded items within BbLearn allow you to attach a rubric to them. For example, you may have developed a rubic for grading discussion posts, or you may have downloaded one of the Sample Rubrics which must first be imported, and can then be attached to assignments, blogs, journals, etc.

Watch Tutorial

(1:29 min video)

  • If your rubric will be attached to a blog, discussion, journal or wiki, expand Course Tools under the Control Panel.
  • Select the tool which contains your graded item.
  • Click the option menu next to the graded item, and select edit.
  • If you are attaching a rubric to an assignment, locate the assignment within your content area (left side menu item), click the option menu on the assignment, and select edit.
  • Scroll down to the Grade settings.
  • Click the Add Rubric button.
  • You may Select a Rubric that has already been created, or you may Create a New Rubric, or you may Modify an Existing Rubric.
  • Note: If you choose to create a new rubric please watch Creating a Rubric Video.
  • Once the Rubric has been created or imported you will be able to select it, and press Submit.
  • Bblearn may warn you about Max Points. Press OK.
  • Once a Rubric has been attached you may click the icons on the left of the Rubric Title to Open or Edit the rubric, as well as Remove the rubric from the assignment.
  • The option to Show the Rubric to Students is located on the right side of the rubric setting.
  • Press Submit when you're finished.

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