Grade Column Statistics

The Column Statistics page displays numerous statistics for a grade item, including average, median, standard deviation, grade distribution, etc.

  • From the Control Panel, expand the Grade Center.
  • Click on Full Grade Center.
  • Click the option menu next to the grade column for which you want to view statistics.
  • Select Column Statistics.

The Column Statistics page provides the following:

  • Points Possible: The points possible for this column
  • Description: The description of the column provided when the column was defined
  • Count: Number of graded items in the calculations
  • Minimum Value: The lowest value of all graded columns in the Grade Center
  • Maximum Value: The highest value of all graded columns in the Grade Center
  • Range: The numeric range between the highest grade and the lowest grade for an item
  • Average: The statistical average of the item
  • Median: The midpoint score of the items
  • Standard Deviation: The difference between the values of the item and the average of the item
  • Variance: A statistical measure of the spread or variation of the items
  • Null: The number of null student grade columns or calculated columns
  • In Progress: The number of student items in progress
  • Needs Grading: The number of student items that need grading
  • Exempt: The number of student items that have been exempted
  • Grade Distribution: A table that displays the statistics for the grading schema ranges of the items

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