Add Grade Column

Many tools within BbLearn such as tests and assignments automatically generate columns in the grade center. However, you can also create custom columns for your use in entering any type of grade.

  • From the Control Panel, click on Grade Center.
  • Select the Full Grade Center.
  • Click the Create Column button.
  • Enter a Column Name (e.g., Participation).
  • Select your Primary Display option as Score, Letter, Text, Percentage or Complete/Incomplete or your own Letter Grade Schema.
  • You may set a Secondary Display for your own use in the Grade Center. This will not display to the students (learn more).
  • If you plan to weight your columns or calculate your grades within BbLearn, you may want to categorize your column as well.
  • Set the Points possible, or select a Rubric (learn more).
  • Select Yes if you want to Include the column in Grade Calculations.
  • Select Yes if you you'd like to Show the column to your students.
  • Press Submit to finish.
  • BbLearn will display a Success message indicating the column has been created.
  • Using the Scroll bar at the bottom of the Grade Columns, scroll to the far right to locate the new column.

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