Delete Grade Column

Show all grade columns to the Instructor at the start of the semester. Keep in mind, grade columns that are hidden from you are STILL INCLUDED in the calculations. They may also remain visible to students.

Delete ALL unneeded columns!

Note: To delete columns which are tied to gradeable items such as an assignment, discussion, quiz, etc., you must delete the gradeable item first before deleting the column.

  • Under the Control Panel, go to the Grade Center.
  • Click on Full Grade Center.
  • Click the option menu to the right of the column you want to delete.
  • Press Delete.

Not able to delete?

If the Delete option is not listed in the option menu, it means that the column is tied to an existing course assignment/test/etc. You must first delete the gradeable item, or turn off the grading feature of that item before you will be allowed to delete the column.

If it is not possible to delete a column, you may exclude the column from all calculations.

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