Primary vs. Secondary Grade Display

BbLearn's Grade Center allows you to display each column of scores in two different formats (e.g. Score, Percentage). Students only see the "Primary" display. They do not see the "Secondary" display. In the screenshot below, the "Primary" display has been set to Percentage. The "Secondary" display has been set to None.

If you want your students to see two different display formats for a particular column (i.e. Score and Percentage), you must create a second column and set it up to display the alternative desired format as its "Primary" display. You may achieve this by setting up a new Total Column, selecting an alternative format as its "Primary" display, and then, when choosing the columns to include in the new total, select just the original column. More on setting up a Total Column.

Modify Grade Display

  • In the Control Panel, under the Grade Center, go to the Full Grade Center
  • Click the Action menu to the right of the grade column, select Edit Column Information
  • Set the Primary display to the format of what you want your students to see. (e.g. Score, Percentage)
  • Optionally you can select a Secondary display format which will only display to you via the Grade Center view.

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