Separate Grades Per Section

This tutorial is available specifically for instructors who have a MASTER COURSE which manages several merged sections. These instructions will show you how to create a "Smart View" within the Grade Center for each section in a Master Course. This will allow you to have quick grading access to only the students within a particular section.

Watch Tutorial

(2:06 min video)

  • Login to your BbLearn Master Course.
  • From the Control Panel, expand the Grade Center and click on Full Grade Center.
  • Scroll through your Grade Center to locate the Child Course ID column.
  • Take note of each Course Registration Number (CRN) located within the Child Course ID grade column, (e.g., 11111, 22222, etc.). You will need these numbers in the following steps. The child course ID is made up of the current term code, and the CRN.
  • From the menu at the top of the Grade Center, select Manage, and then Smart Views.
  • Click the Create Smart View button.
  • Enter a Name for the Smart View (e.g., Section 01).
  • Check the Add as Favorite box.
  • Select Custom Build a query based on user criteria option.
  • Set User Criteria to Child Course ID.
  • Set Condition to Contains.
  • Set Value to an underscore followed by the CRN of one of the section's (e.g., _11111).
  • Set Filter Results to All Columns.
  • Check the Include Hidden Information option.
  • Press Submit.
  • Bblearn will display a Success message indicating that the Smart View has been created.
  • You can access the Smart View from the Grade Center navigation area.
  • Repeat these steps for each section that you need to create a custom Smart View for.

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