Extra Credit Test Question

You may award extra credit for a test question through the Question Settings page. When extra credit is enabled and applied to an individual question, a correct answer results in adding the points listed in the question's Points box to the points earned for the test. An incorrect answer does not result in a point deduction. Questions designated as extra credit are removed from the total points calculation for the purpose of grading. If a student answers all questions correctly on a test with an extra credit question, he or she is awarded a score greater than 100% on the test. Extra credit is enabled after questions are created.

  • Under the Control Panel, expand Course Tools.
  • Click on Tests, Surveys, and Pools.
  • Select Tests.
  • Select Edit from the option menu next to the test containing the question you want to make extra credit.
  • Click the Question Settings button in the upper right corner of the test canvas.

  • Under Scoring, select Provide option to assign questions as extra credit.
  • Click Submit to save your settings.

  • Click on the Points box for the question you want to make extra credit.

  • In the pop-up, select the check box for Extra Credit.

    Note: All Extra Credit questions must be added to a test individually. A question's Extra Credit checkbox is not available if added to a Question Set or a Random Block.

  • The screenshot below shows how it will appear to your students whenever they encounter an extra-credit question in their test:

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