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Grade Test

Most question types are auto graded, however you may still need to grade essays or fill in the blank types of questions.
  • On the Control Panel, expand the Grade Center section.
  • Select Full Grade Center.
  • Click the option menu next to test you'd like to grade, or the survey results you'd like to see.
  • For Test Grading, you may choose to Grade Attempts, Grade Anonymously, View All Attempts, or Grade Questions, etc.
  • For Survey Results, choose Attempt Statistics. Learn more about Survey Results
  • When you're viewing a Grade Attempt, click Test Information to get more details such as their score, start and submission time, and you also may clear the attempt.
  • For Essay questions, the students response is listed as the Given Answer.
  • You can score each question as you go along.
  • For automatically graded questions, a red X indicates an incorrect answer, and a green check indicates a correctly answered questions.
  • You can manually override the score if needed.
  • You may leave feedback for your students on each question, or at the bottom of the graded test submission.
  • Press Submit when you're done grading.
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