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Alternate Communication Options

  • Email tool
    The Email tool allows your message to be sent to your student's UIDAHO email address. However, this is a VERY basic email tool in that it does not have an "Inbox", "Sent Folder", "Trash", etc. It is purely an email sending utility. You cannot access previously sent email, though a copy of each email is sent to the sender. Learn more »
  • Messages tool
    The Messages tool allows messages to be sent to your student's BbLearn Course Message Inbox (i.e. they must login to BbLearn get their messages). One benefit is that both incoming and outgoing messages are saved inside the Messages tool, and can be organized as needed. You must also add the Messages tool to your course menu. Learn more »

Announcements are an ideal way to post time-sensitive information critical to course success. If you need to send a message to all students in a course, use BbLearn's Announcements tool. This tool emails messages to students and also saves the messages in the course. Students receive these announcements even if they don't log into your course.

Create an Announcement

  • Click on the Announcements tool in the course menu
  • Click the Create Announcements button at the top of the page
  • Type in a Subject (e.g. Healthy Vandals)
  • Type in the Message. You may also attach files, links, and images. Note: If you wish to attach a video, be sure to create a link to the video. Although the embedded video displays in BbLearn when viewing the announcement, it will not display to students in the email version of the announcement.


    Simple precautions go a long way in reducing the impact of coronavirus on our campuses and in our communities. With everyone engaging in these small actions, we can continue to participate in our vibrant campus culture where we are able to learn, live and grow. I encourage you to continue to adhere to the following precautions both on and off campus.
    --Engage in social distancing. Try to maintain distance from those outside of your household and gather outdoors when possible.
    --Continue to wear your face covering. Face coverings are required in all university buildings. They are also required outside when social distancing cannot be maintained.
    --Practice good hygiene. Wash your hands regularly and use the hand sanitizing stations around campus and in the classroom. Wipe down your space in the classroom before and after using.
    --Stay home if you are ill, asked to quarantine or in isolation. Contact the Vandal Health Clinic at 208-885-6693 if you are experiencing any COVID related symptoms and file a VandalCare report if you need assistance navigating campus resources or your courses.
  • (optional) Enter a Duration
  • IMPORTANT! ALWAYS select Send a copy of this announcement immediately. This makes sure that embedded images in the message are delivered and the announcement is successfully emailed to each student.
  • (optional) link to a course area
  • Press Submit
  • BbLearn will display a Success: Announcement Created message indicating that the message has been saved and emailed.
  • If you choose to send an email announcement and then edit the announcement after you post it, another email is sent.
  • If you create an announcement that is linked to a hidden content item or test, the announcement will become hidden from the instructor's view. Once the hidden item is made available, the announcement will again display to the instructor.

Announcement Tool Tips

  • IMPORTANT: As you create an announcement, ALWAYS select Send a copy of this announcement immediately. This ensures that students, even those enrolling late, receive the email (along with any embedded images). Note: The Send a copy of this announcement immediately feature cannot be used if the Announcement's Display After time is in the future.
  • When you and your students view announcements inside a course, all embedded images, videos, links, formatting, and attached files appear correctly. In an email announcement, some content may not appear or work as you intend. Thus, avoid sending out announcements containing long and detailed content with images or files. It is best practice to place all important content directly into your course and then use a brief announcement to direct students to the place in the course where the information can be found.
  • If you create an announcement in an unavailable course and choose to Send a copy of this announcement immediately, an email is sent to all users enrolled in the course -- even though the course is not turned on for student access. If you create an announcement in an unavailable course and don't choose to Send a copy of this announcement immediately, the announcement is never emailed -- even after the course is turned on for students.
  • Students should be asked (via Syllabus) to read the Announcements displayed in their course. This is because there is no guarantee that a student will see the email sent to them from BbLearn. Missing email can occur for a variety of reasons including when blocked by the end-user, marked as SPAM by a mail client, or prohibited by a virus software.

Add Announcement Tool

If the Announcement tool does not yet exist in your Course Menu, add it following the steps below:

  • Under the PLUS symbol at the top of the course menu, select Tool Link
  • Set the Tool Type to Announcements
  • Enter a Name for the Tool (e.g. Announcements)
  • Check the Available to Users box
  • Press Submit

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