Blogs & Journals

Blogs are generally used to allow students to regularly post responses that could be read by a group or the whole class, though they can be made private. Journals function in much the same way, but are generally setup to be private and are read only by the instructor or graders.

One benefit of using the Blog or Journal is that you can quickly see the work your students are doing.

No Searching

Caution: The Blog & Journal tools do not have a "Search" feature allowing you to find all posts made by a student. If you expect a lot of graded activity, you might consider the Discussion Board which can be searched.

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Setup Blogs

Create a blog to allow your students to share with each other, setup grading, edit blog settings, remove a blog. more »

Setup Journals

Create a private journal between you and your student, setup grading, edit journal settings, remove a journal. more »


Add journal or blog entry, edit posts, weekly vs. monthly indexing, profile photo. more »

Grade Blogs

Find number of posts, grade group, individual and course blogs. more »

Grade Journals

Find number of posts, grade group and individual journals. more »

Known Issues

  • File Upload Problems
  • Once a Blog or Journal is set to be gradable you cannot make it ungradable. It must be deleted and rebuilt.
  • Turn Edit Mode "ON" to grade.

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