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Each group has its own space, or homepage, with links to optional group tools like Discussions and File Exchange. The instructor and group members are the only ones able to access their group area within a course.

Groups can be created as a group set (e.g. 10 students per group) or created as a single group (e.g. special team project). The instructor may manually select group members or allow students to self-enroll.

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Create Group

  • From the Control Panel, under Users and Groups, select Groups
  • Select Create
  • Next choose one of the following Group Set options (it is less common to use single groups):
    • Random Enroll: have BbLearn randomly organize the students into groups
    • Manual Enroll: Instructor selects the students in each group
    • Self-Enroll: Allow students to signup for the group themselves
    (NOTE: If you select Self-Enroll, you must build a link to the Group manually after setup. Group activities, including signup sheets, to do not automatically show up for non-group members. The group tool only appears after a student belongs to a group.)
  • For this tutorial, we will be using the Random Enroll Group Set to demonstrate.
  • Create a Title for your group set
  • Be sure that the Group Available option is set to Yes
  • IMPORTANT: Un-select any UNNEEDED group tools such the Calendar or Wiki. Select any group tools that you want the students to be able to use as a group (e.g. Discussions, File Exchange).
  • Scroll down a bit more and enter either the number of students for each group or the number of groups to create.
  • Press Submit to create the groups

Add Yourself to a Group

In order to test the Group feature, it's a good idea to add yourself to a group so you can see what your students see.

  • From the Control Panel, under Users and Groups, select Groups
  • Click the action menu next to a Group and select Edit
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the Edit Group page.
  • Click the Add Users button.
  • In the Add Users window, check Show all course roles to view instructor and builder-grader roles.
  • Press Go to load all students or enter a name to search for a specific user.
  • Check the box next to the user you want to add (e.g. your instructor account or your student preview account)
  • Press Submit.
  • You are returned to the Edit Group page where you'll see the memberships in that group.
  • Press Submit.

Preview Group

  • Once you've added yourself to a group (see help above), you will see a new item titled My Groups in the left menu.
  • All students within each group have access to group tools that you have provided (e.g., Discussions, File Exchange).
  • Within each group tool, students may participate with their group mates (e.g., by uploading a file to the File Exchange area).

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