Add Content

In order to add content to your course, you'll first need to create a Content Area to add course materials to. Content Areas are essentially the left side menu items for your course.

CAUTION when deleting Content Areas

Keep in mind, when you delete a Content Area (i.e. a menu item in the course navigation) you are also deleting the content contained within the Content Area.

Content Areas are essentially the left side menu items for your course.

  • Turn Edit Mode "ON" in the upper right corner of BbLearn.
  • Hover over the PLUS sign above the left side course menu. No plus sign? Turn edit mode "ON".
  • Select Content Area.
  • Give the new content area a name (e.g., Lesson 01)
  • Check the Available to Users option to allow students to see the menu item.
  • Press Submit. Learn more about Content Areas.

Add Content

Use the Build Content menu at the top of the course Content Area to add course materials.


Use Content Folders to organize your course materials within each Content Area.

Add "Item"

The most commonly used feature within BbLearn is the "Item" which allows you to enter text, images, hyperlinks, attach files, and more.

  • Go to the Content Area (see left menu) or Content Folder where you'd like to add content. If you do not yet have a content area created, follow the instructions listed above to Create a New Content Area before continuing with the instructions below.

To Add an "Item"

  • On the Action Bar, point to Build Content.
  • Select Item.

To Edit an "Item"

  • Click the Option Menu next to the Item, and select Edit.

The BbLearn Text Editor has the basic features of any web content editor with bulleted lists, font controls, web links, etc.

  • If this is a newly created item, type in a Name for the Item (e.g., Lesson 1).
  • Click the Show More button to access more features within the text box editor.
  • Within the text editor box you'll find Undo, Insert Image, Insert Hyperlink, and HTML View if needed.


  • Soft Return (i.e. single space) = Shift+Enter
  • Remove Formatting feature helps reduce formatting problems.
  • You may also attach files to an Item. Drag and drop the attachment file into the area encircled with a bold dotted line or click the Browse My Computer button to upload your file. Successfully attached files show directly below the dotted line area. These can be removed by clicking on the Do not attach link. WARNING: The Internet Explorer browser (IE) is NOT supported by BbLearn. Please switch to a supported browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge).
  • Press Submit when you are done.

RECOMMENDED - Text Formatting Fix

Remove troublesome hidden code from content pasted into BbLearn:

  • Highlight the text you need to clean-up.
  • Click the Remove Formatting button on the BbLearn Text Editor.
  • Click on the Submit button to save your Item.

Not finding what you need? Try BbLearn's User Manual.
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