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  • The voice assistant, Alexa, will soon use the Calendar Tool's information to read what is due aloud to students.

Starting 2020, all BbLearn courses list the Calendar tool by default in their left menu. Instructors may remove or hide the Calendar if they wish but should keep in mind that students also have access to the calendar via BbLearn's main navigation. BbLearn's Student Mobile App relies on entries in the calendar to tell students upcoming due dates.

BbLearn's Time Zone is presented as US Pacific Time (PT). If you are located in a different time zone, you will have to convert the Pacific Time (PT) displayed in BbLearn to your own time zone.

Note that when you export BbLearn calendar dates to other platforms, these calendars may show due dates in your local time. Times shown may not appear to match across platforms because of time zone differences.

BbLearn's Calendar tool is automatically populated with assigned due dates for any tool that has a built-in due date component (e.g. assignments, tests). Other due date entries can be added to the calendar manually by the instructor. Because manual entries must be re-added each semester, consider adding only the most important due dates manually. Also note that manual entries cannot be linked to their corresponding course location.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way for you or your students to print the information stored in the Calendar tool. Thus, we recommend detailing the full course schedule for your students either as a single document (docx or pdf) or as a page created using BbLearn's item.

Watch Tutorial

(1:19 min video)

Add Calendar Tool

Starting 2020, all BbLearn courses will already list the Calendar tool by default in the left menu -- making these Add Calendar Tool instructions unnecessary.

  • Turn Edit Mode "ON" in the upper right corner of BbLearn.
  • Hover over the PLUS symbol above the left side course menu.
    No plus sign? Turn edit mode "ON".
  • Select Tool Link.
  • Enter a name for the tool, for example "Calendar".
  • Set tool Type to Calendar.
  • Check the Available to Users option to allow students to see the menu item.
  • Press Submit.

Using the Calendar Tool

  • Click on the Calendar tool in the left menu (see help above)
  • Most of the Calendar interface is clickable and allows you to navigate to different calendar views. For example, the lower left side of the calendar page allows you to filter which course calendars display.

Add a Calendar Entry

Only items with due dates automatically appear in the calendar tool. Other entries can be added manually by the instructor but must be re-added each semester. Also note that entries added manually cannot be linked directly to the corresponding location within the course.

  • To add a new entry to your course Calendar, click the Plus button in the upper right corner of the Calendar or click on the date where you wish to add an entry.
  • Enter a subject (e.g., Team Meetings).
  • Select which course calendar you want to post to.
  • Set the start and end dates/times.
  • Enter an Event Description.
  • Press Submit to save.

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