Add File

Use the File feature in a Content Area (left side menu item) to add a file such as a PDF or ZIP to your Content Area. If you need to describe your file with detailed text, attach the file to an "Item" instead of the method described below.

WARNING: The Internet Explorer browser (IE) is NOT supported by BbLearn. Please switch to a supported browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge).

Don't store video in BbLearn! BbLearn does not perform well as a video host, making it difficult for students to successfully watch videos stored there. BbLearn cannot stream videos, thus requiring the files to download completely before viewing. Unfortunately, videos stored in BbLearn download very slowly and may even fail to download. Instead host video using a 3rd party service (e.g. YouTube) or a UI FERPA approved service (e.g. Microsoft Stream). [more . . .]

  • Go to the Content Area (left side menu item) that you'd like to add a file to. If you do not yet have a content area created, Create a New Content Area before continuing with the instructions below.
  • On the Action Bar, point to Build Content.
  • Select File.
  • If you've already uploaded the new file to your courses Content Collections area, click Browse Course, otherwise click Browse My Computer to locate the new file you want to upload.
  • After you've loaded your file, you will see the File Name listed.
  • You can modify the Name your students will see, e.g. Syllabus 2013 (PDF).
  • If your file is a PDF, it's recommended that you set Open in New Window to Yes.
  • Check that Permit Users to View this Content is set to Yes.
  • Press Submit to save your changes.
  • BbLearn displays a success message at the top of the page and the File you added now appears in the Content Area.
  • Click on the new link to file to be sure it functions as expected.

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