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Use the Image feature in a Content Area to add a graphic such as a banner, photo, or graphic to your Content Area.

Example Page Banner 700x200px in BbLearn

Page Banner

Instructors may add a banner image like the example shown above to the top of any Content Area page such as the Course Homepage (a.k.a. course entry point). You may request a custom banner image (using an Essentials image of your choosing) for your BbLearn course from us at no charge if you are a University of Idaho BbLearn Instructor. Or you may create an appropriate 700px x 200px JPG, PNG or GIF image on your own using one of the online image editors listed on the right. You may add the banner image to your course following the directions below.

Add Your Image

  • Go to the Content Area (left side menu item) where you'd like to add an image. If you do not yet have a content area created, Create a New Content Area before continuing with the instructions below.
  • On the Action Bar, point to Build Content.
  • Select Image.
  • On the Create Image page, type in a Name for the Image.
  • Find the file by selecting Browse My Computer to locate the Image. Alternatively, you may select Browse Course if the Image has already been uploaded to BbLearn. (TIP: For best results, use a 700px x 200px Image if you are adding a banner to the top of your content area.)
    Learn more about Content Collections.

  • If the image provides useful information, add a Long Description to give a written portrayal to people who cannot see the image.
  • Click on the Submit button when you are finished.
  • BbLearn displays a Success message and your added Image appears at the bottom of the page. As a final step, drag the Image to the appropriate location in the Content Area.

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