Text Editor

Known Issue: Pasting Content

Problem: Unable to paste content into the editor.
Workaround: Use Control + V   ( or Mac - Command + V) to paste.
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Problem: Content displays incorrectly
Workaround: Remove troublesome hidden code in content by highlighting it and clicking the Remove Formatting button.
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Basic Editing

The BbLearn text editor has the basic features of any web content editor with bulleted lists, and font controls. With the basic set of editing features available you can:

  • Make text Bold, Italic
  • Set Font Family, Size, Color
  • Add Bulleted and Number Lists
  • Spell Check
  • Hyperlinks
  • Full Screen edit mode

Click the Show More button to access more features within the text box editor.


Soft Return (i.e. single space) = Shift+Enter

Remove Formatting feature helps reduce formatting problems.

More Editing Features

With the full set of editing features available you can:

  • Make Text Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough
  • Control Paragraphs, Headings
  • Set Font Family, Size, Color, Highlight
  • Edit in Full Screen mode
  • Cut, Copy, Paste
  • Undo, Redo
  • Add Bulleted & Number Lists
  • Left, Center, Right, Justified Alignment
  • Indent, Outdent
  • Superscript, Subscript
  • Direction Left, Right
  • Spell Check
  • Remove Formatting
  • Find
  • Insert & Remove Hyperlinks
  • Insert Line & Horizontal Rule
  • Show Non-Printing Characters, Blockquote, Symbols, Emotions
  • Insert File, Image
  • Math Editor (note you can't edit equations after creating them, they must be recreated)
  • Preview
  • Insert Table, along with the controls for building rows and columns
  • HTML Code View
  • Insert Anchor (internal bookmark)
  • Insert Nonbreaking Space Character
  • Edit CSS Styling

Problems with Formatting?

If you experience problems formatting your text due to pasting content from another source (e.g., Microsoft Word), the best thing you can do is to remove the original formatting, and reformat it in the BbLearn Text Editor. Below are a couple of options for doing that.


  • Highlight the text you need to clean-up.
  • Click the Remove Formatting button on the BbLearn Text Editor.


  • Copy the content from your source document (e.g., Word doc).
  • Open NotePad on a PC, or TextEdit (Format > Make Plain Text) on a Mac.
  • Paste the content into NotePad/TextEdit.
  • Copy the content from NotePad/TextEdit.
  • Paste the content into BbLearn editor using Control + V    ( or Mac - Command + V).

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