How Enrollment Works

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) does not enroll individuals into UI courses that are offered officially -- for credit. Instead . . .

Students are automatically added to BbLearn courses four weeks before the semester starts as well as throughout the term. However, they will not gain access to a course until the Instructor Turns the Course On for student access.

Instructors, Builder-Graders, and Graders must be added by the Instructor's departmental scheduler. This ensures that the request goes through Classroom Scheduling in the Registrar's Office. Once added into Banner, they will be pushed into BbLearn via a feed file that runs three times a day (pushes start running at 4:45am, 9:45am, and 2:45pm). Undergraduate students cannot be added to a BbLearn course in one of these roles.

Participant, Notetaker, and Course Builder roles DON'T HAVE GRADING ACCESS. Participants are added to courses via a request sent from a Departmental Scheduler to Classroom Scheduling. CDAR works directly with Classroom Scheduling to add Notetakers. Email to request adding a Course Builder to your course.

NOTE: All individuals needing access to BbLearn must have a UIdaho computer account. An employee may request to sponsor an account for someone not affiliated with the UI in order to give them limited access to a BbLearn course.


How to enroll users into "for credit" courses

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