Student Preview

"Student Preview" Mode

As an instructor, you want to be confident that your course is well designed and functions as intended before your students see it. BbLearn allows instructors to preview their course as a Test Student using the "Student Preview" mode--experiencing your course exactly as your students do. While in your course, press the Student Preview button at the top of the screen (as shown below) to enter the Student Preview mode.

The first time you enter the Student Preview mode in a course, a student account unique to you named UIaccount_previewuser will be created for you and enrolled in the current course.

While you are in the Student Preview mode, you are free to move throughout the course, testing various sections and tools to get a feel for how your students will experience the class. (e.g. Click on My Grades to view the grades as a student.)

Exit "Student Preview" Mode

When you are in Student Preview mode, you will see an Exit Preview button at the top of your screen (as shown below) which will return you to the instructor role view.

When selecting Exit Preview, you are prompted to keep or delete your preview student and all its associated data.

  • Select Keep the preview user and all data to be able to verify grade calculations.
  • Check the Remember this choice and do not ask me again box.
  • Press Continue to return to your course as the Instructor.

Verify Grade Calculations using "Student Preview"

To check how your Grade Center calculations are setup, it's a good idea to enter scores for your Preview Student and then examine the resulting calculations. This will help you troubleshoot any problems with your Grade Center calculations and will also allow you to see the My Grades view.

  1. If your course menu does not alraedy include the "My Grades" tool, Add "My Grades"
  2. Create a Preview Student by entering the Preview Student mode (see above). When you exit this mode, be sure to select Keep the preview user and all data so that your Preview Student will be listed in the Grade Center.
  3. Complete any assessments for your Preview Student --OR-- manually enter grades for the Preview Student via the Full Grade Center.
  4. Verify the Grade Center calculations.
  5. Return to the Preview Student mode to see what the My Grades view looks like.

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