Course Review

There a couple of methods available for checking the functionality of your course, and specifically for checking how graded items will be handled. Typically Method 1 listed below is the easiest to complete.

METHOD 1 - Use your “Student Preview” (Recommended)

  1. View your course using your “Student Preview” mode
  2. Complete the task(s) you wish to review as a student
  3. Exit the Student Preview mode, choosing to keep your Student Preview data
  4. Review the Student Preview scores in the Grade Center

METHOD 2 - Review the setting of each graded item

  1. Check grade settings on the item
    • Enter your course
    • For graded disussions, journals, and blogs, go to Control Panel > Course Tools > select the appropriate tool
    • For graded assignments, tests, and surveys go to the content area (left side menu item) that contains the item
    • Click the item's option menu, and select Edit
    • Check that the item is set to be graded for the value you intend
    • Check that the rest of the settings are set as you intend
  2. Check link settings within the content area
    • Go to the content area containing the task you want to review
    • Click the Edit option for linked item
    • Check that the top of the page says “Edit Forum” or “Edit Journal” or “Edit Assignment” etc. The top of the page should match the type of task you intend.
  3. Check grade column settings
    • Go the Full Grade Center
    • Click “Edit Column Information” under the option menu for each grade column
    • Ensure that the “Item Name” matches the official name of the item (e.g., the discussion forum within the control panel)

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