Course Setup Essentials

BbLearn Course and Enrollment Timeline

Feed File pushes from Banner into BbLearn occur daily starting at 4:45am. 9:45am, and 2:45pm. These take about an hour to complete once they start.

Below is an outline of the process used to generate BbLearn courses and enrollments. Official course spaces and student enrollments are auto-generated.

Course Delivery Checklist

The BbLearn Course delivery checklist provides a quick reminder on the process required to run a Course offered "for credit" through BbLearn.

  1. The departmental scheduler assigns "Instructor of Record"
    Instructors are assigned to a course in BANNER by the departmental scheduler. Departmental schedulers contacting Classroom Scheduling ( to add Graders, Builder-Graders, and Participants.
  2. Official BbLearn Course Auto-generated
    Course setup as unavailable for students.
  3. "Instructor of Record" added Automatically
    Instructors, Builder-Graders, Graders, and Particiants are added to BbLearn course about three months before semester start.
  4. Instructor Adds Content
    Instructor builds content directly in BbLearn Course or adds through Course Copy.
  1. Students added Automatically
    Students are automatically added to BbLearn courses about four weeks before the semester starts as well as throughout the term. However, they will not gain access to the course until the Instructor turns it on for student access.
  2. Instructor Makes Course Available
    Course activation email sent to students.
  3. Instructor Teaches Course
    Maintain a sense of presence by involving learners in a variety of activities.
  4. Instructor Submits Final Grades
    Final grades are submitted through VandalWeb.

Official Course Site

Official course sites are automatically generated about three months before the start of the semester. If you don't see your course, contact your departmental scheduler to ensure that you've been added as an "Instructor of Record" to BANNER through Courseleaf CLSS. Official course sites are setup as unavailable to students. You may copy your course content from an older course into a current course space. When the course site is ready to go, instructors must make the course available to students.

To combine multiple sections, Request Course Merge

To work ahead, Request a [PREP] Course

Contact your departmental scheduler to add or remove Instructors, Builder Graders, Graders, and Participants. CDAR will work with Classroom Scheduling to add CDAR Notetakers.
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Student enrollments are automatically added to classes about 1 month prior to the start of the Fall and Spring semesters. Summer session students are automatically added to ALL summer sessions approximately 2 weeks prior to the start of the first summer session. Students who add or drop the course will automatically be added or removed from the BbLearn course. Students automatically lose access to their BbLearn course about six weeks after the class ends.
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Unofficial [PREP] Site

You may work ahead of time by requesting an unofficial course preparation space (i.e. [PREP] site) which can be setup at any time.) Request a [PREP] site now.

Compare Official Course Site & Unofficial [PREP] Site

The basics of how official course sites and unofficial [PREP] sites work and how they are different from one another, are summarized below:

OFFICIAL Course Site

  • Sample Title: Spring 2021 - ENGL101: Intro
  • Courses are auto-generated about three months before class begins and are initially setup as UNAVAILABLE 
  • Students are automatically added to BbLearn courses about 1 month before the semester starts as well as throughout the term. However, they will not gain access to the course until the Instructor turns it on for student access. 
  • INSTRUCTOR makes course available to students.
  • INSTRUCTOR adds content directly or by copying content from an existing BbLearn site.
  • Official course sites are removed approximately three years after class begins.

Unofficial [PREP] Site

  • Sample Title: [PREP] ENGL101: Intro
  • [PREP] sites are generated at the Instructor's request.
  • [PREP] sites have no students.
  • [PREP] sites are used as a preparation space for course development.
  • [PREP] sites are not removed automatically.

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