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BbLearn courses taken for credit are automatically generated three months in advance of the semester's start date. If you need to work further ahead than that to prepare a credit course, you may request a BbLearn [PREP] space which you can work in now, and then perform a Course Copy to copy your course materials to the actual course shell (containing students) before teaching. Note: The [PREP] space will never have student enrollments.

This form may also be used to request a [UIDAHO] BbLearn space for a non-credit course such as a workshop, peer collaboration, or document sharing space. Requests for Independent Study [ISI] BbLearn courses are submitted through this form. Requests for Professional Development & Learning [PDL] BbLearn courses are submitted through this form.

Course Request - Instructors Only

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Examples: Introduction to English or Introduction to English (Summer)


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