Record Feedback

You can embed audio/video recordings of your feedback to students as you grade by using the microphone tool () in BbLearn's full content editor. This can help provide a more personal interaction with your students.

If you are not seeing the microphone tool () in the full content editor, clear your browser's cache.

Record Feedback for Students

  • To record feedback for students while you are grading a student submission attempt, look for the FEEDBACK TO LEARNER area.
  • Click on the A icon (circled below) to open up the full content editor.
  • Click on the microphone icon () in the full content editor to go to BbLearn's recording app.
  • When you are ready to record, press the record button ( ). If you wish to record video as well as audio, press the camera icon before pressing record.
  • Press the stop recording button ( ) when you are finished to return to the full content editor.
  • Edit the embedded audio title or add text feedback before pressing Submit.
  • You will see your feedback listed in the FEEDBACK TO LEARNER text box area.

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