Upload your video to YouTube

YouTube is a free, easy to use video hosting solution. Though you can't easily password protection a YouTube video, you can Unlist the video so that only people you give the address to can find it. Link to or Embed your YouTube video into your BbLearn course. Not Approved for FERPA-Protected Video

YouTube is not approved as a host for FERPA-protected video. Always store FERPA-protected video in Microsoft Stream to host online and share with others.


Don't Store Video in BbLearn!

BbLearn does not perform well as a video host, making it difficult for students to successfully watch videos stored there. BbLearn cannot stream videos, thus requiring the files to download completely before viewing. Unfortunately, videos stored in BbLearn download very slowly and may even fail to download.

Record Your Video

When saving your recording using one of the software options listed below, look for and select the "for YouTube" encoding setting if a YouTube option is available.

Note: YouTube offers simple Video Editing for all videos uploaded to it. The editor supports editing needs such as combining multiple videos, triming video clips, and adding music and effects.

Login to YouTube

  • Go to
  • Click Sign In in the upper right corner
  • If you have a Google account, sign-in with that
  • If you don't yet have a Google account, click Create an Account

Upload Your Video

  • Click the camera icon on the upper right side of the YouTube page
  • Select Upload Video
  • Drag and Drop your Video onto the screen
  • Note: The Default is to make the video(s) you are uploading Public. However, you may select Private or Unlisted from the pulldown menu on this screen to change this setting. It is recommended to change the Privacy Settings to Unlisted if you do not want non-class members to see it. The Public option indicates that the video may show up in a YouTube or Google search. The Private option indicates that you must personally invite each user to view the video, and each user must login with their Google account to view the video.
  • You will see a progress bar as your video uploads
  • When the upload is complete, YouTube will show a Processing your video status
  • The video status will change to Upload Complete when it's ready to watch
  • YouTube will display the web address of your video (e.g.,
  • Copy this web address for use in adding the video to your BbLearn course
  • More help uploading videos

Set Video Privacy

  • To locate your videos, login to YouTube, then click your account button in the upper right corner of the YouTube Window
  • Click Creator Studio
  • Select Video Manager from the menu on the left
  • Click on the video to view it, or click the Edit button
  • If you're viewing your video, you can edit its settings by clicking on the pencil button (Info and Settings) to access the privacy settings
  • Change the Privacy Settings to Unlisted. Use either the WebLink or Embed option for adding your video to BbLearn.
  • The Public option indicates that the video may show up in a YouTube or Google search.
  • The Private option indicates that you must personally invite each user to view the video, and each user must login with their Google account to view the video.
  • More help on video privacy. See also a video by Cassidy Hall, UI which covers saving a YouTube video as unlisted with closed captions.

Add/Edit Captions

YouTube automatically produces Closed Captioning (CC) for most of the shorter uploaded videos using speech recognition technology. This process may take several days to complete. Since the CC is automatically generated, the quality of these captions will vary from video to video. You will want to edit YouTube's automatic captions to improve accuracy once they have been generated for you.

How to edit automatic captions and make changes:

  • Go to the Video Manager (click your account in the top right-hand corner > Creator Studio > Video Manager > Videos)
  • Click the drop-down menu next to the Edit button of the video you want to add captions or subtitles to.
  • Select Subtitles and CC.
  • If automatic captions are available, you'll see Language (Automatic) in the 'Published' section to the right of the video. Automatic captions may not be ready at the time that you upload a video. Processing time depends on the complexity of the video's audio.
  • Edit as needed.

Watch Tutorial

(0:56 min video)


  • Click the CC button on your video's YouTube player, select ON for English (Automatic Captions).
    If you do not see the CC button on the video, this may indicate that the video was recently uploaded to YouTube. Check back in a couple of days. If the CC is still not present, the uploaded video may be longer than YouTube is willing to process. However, closed captioning can be created and uploaded using captioning software or by paying for captioning services (~$1.00/min) (see YouTube Help).
  • Play the video to review the captioning for accuracy
  • To edit the auto-generated captions, click CC (Captions) editing option below the player
  • Click the English (Automatic) button to access the captions
  • Click the Edit button to be to make changes to the caption text
  • Clicking on a line of caption text will jump the player to that point of the video where you can play the video from there
  • Press Publish when you're finished editing your captions

Issues Viewing Embedded Content

If you or your students experience problems viewing your embedded content, see the Embed Fix. Otherwise, have users modify their Browser Security. If that doesn't work, use a Web Link instead.

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