BbLearn Login Help

How to Log In

  • Login to BbLearn by going to:
  • Press the large LOG IN button on BbLearn's login screen
  • Select your account from the choices provided -- OR --
    enter your FULL EMAIL ADDRESS ending with (e.g. or
  • Login to BbLearn requires the use of DUO, a Multi-Factor Authentication System used by the University of Idaho.
  • If you can not login to BbLearn... continue below.

What's my University of Idaho account?

BbLearn allows you to login using one of your University of Idaho accounts (e.g.vand1234 or jvandal). Your University of Idaho account is also used for:

  • AirVandalGold
  • UI Computer Labs
  • Employee email
  • VandalWeb

* See multiple UI email addresses

Why am I getting sign-in errors?

You are required to enter your FULL EMAIL ADDRESS when prompted. If you attempt to sign-in using just your username, you will see one of the following error messages:

  • You've tried to sign in too many times with an incorrect account or password.
  • Sign-in is blocked.
Resolution: Restart your web browser and go back through the sign-in process entering your FULL EMAIL ADDRESS ending with (e.g. or

"Not Found" error on red banner

If you see a "Not Found" error displayed on a red banner, quit your browser completely. Be sure to close ALL browser sessions that are running! Then try again. Other options:
a) use a different browser b) restart your computer

Error message on white background

If you see an error message similar to "Site can't be reached", "Secure Connection Failed", "Page cannot be opened" when trying to login, you are probably trying to connect using AirVandalGuest. You must be connected using AirVandalGold to login successfully to BbLearn from the Moscow campus via a wireless device. (TIP: In your setup, forget AirVandalGuest so that you do not accidently connect using it in the future.)

Reset Password

Go to the ITS Account Management to reset your UI Account password.

After changing your password, it takes at least 5 minutes and can be up to 10 minutes before the new password fully works.

Multiple Email Addresses*

BbLearn allows just ONE email address. Users with more than one UI email address will find that BbLearn uses their primary email address for all correspondence. Contact your ITS Technology Solutions Partners (TSP) or the ITS Student Technology Center (, 208-885-4357) to have your primary email designation switched.

Further Assistance

If you're unable to login, contact your ITS Technology Solutions Partners (TSP) or the ITS Student Technology Center (, 208-885-4357) located in the Teaching Learning Center Room 128.

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