Add Course

There are a number of options for getting started with a new BbLearn course space depending on what you need.

Official Courses

Official courses offered "for credit" are automatically generated each semester through a BbLearn / Registrar's Office automated system about three months before the semester begins.

Departmental schedulers add Instructors to the offical BbLearn course via "Courseleaf CLSS" and add Builder-Graders and Graders by sending a request to Classroom Scheduling (

Instructors without an active EPAF can be added by the departmental scheduler a Maximum of one week prior to the beginning of the term. New instructors must have successfully taken their FERPA training through Vandal Web before they will gain access to their BbLearn courses.

"PREP" Course

If you need to work on your course before gaining access to the official version, or would just like a course space to experiment with, you may request a [PREP] course space.

Workshops, Team, or Dept. Collaboration

If you need to create a BbLearn space for a workshop, group collaboration tool, or other non-credit course, you may request a [UIDAHO] non-Credit Space.

Missing a Course?

If a course you are teaching is not listed in BbLearn:

  • Check the date. Courses are auto-generated about three months before the semester begins and will not appear before that time.

Are you listed in the Class Schedule as an instructor for the course?


  • Has your departmental scheduler added you as an Instructor of Record in BANNER/Courseleaf CLSS for the course? This process can take one day to synch between BANNER and BbLearn.
  • Has you EPAF been successfully completed through Human Resources? Successful completion of the EPAF is required before you will be added as an instructor to BbLearn. EXCEPTIONS: If it is just one week prior to the beginning of the term, Instructors without active EPAF may be added to the BbLearn courses they will be teaching.


  • Have you successfully completed your FERPA training through Vandal Web? Successful completion of this task is required before you will be added as an instructor to BbLearn. The data push from BANNER to BbLearn occurs two times a day (9:45am-10:45am and 2:45pm-3:45pm). After completing your training, you will need to wait for the next synch to occur.
  • Have you accidentally hidden the course from your view?
  • If the options above do not help you in finding your course, please email for assistance.

  • Not finding what you need? Try BbLearn's User Manual.
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