Change Name or Email Address

Change Preferred Name Zoom

For Spring 2021, the University of Idaho has implemented the ability for students and employees to indicate a Preferred First Name for use in BbLearn as well as other university systems. This process changes the first name shown in BbLearn to your designated preferred name.

Change Last Name used in BbLearn

The last name stored in BbLearn for you is automatically synched with your official records at the University of Idaho. If you wish to have your official name changed, follow the steps below:

  • If you are an employee of the university, you must change your employment records through Human Resources.
  • If you are registered for any classes for the current term, then BbLearn uses your official "Student Last Name"--which can be different from other official names the University of Idaho has for you (e.g., Human Resources, Payroll, Alumni). The only way to change a student's name in BbLearn is to fill out a request for a change of name through the Registrar's Office, which you may do through the Registrar's "Change of Name" form.

Change Email Address used in BbLearn

BbLearn allows just ONE email address per user. Users with more than one UI email address can select which email account is used in BbLearn (by defining your primary email or preferred email account). Your student email address is set as the primary email address by default. To determine which of your email addresses is used in BbLearn, check what is listed for you in Users & Groups > Users. Contact your ITS Technology Solutions Partners (TSP) or the ITS Student Technology Center (, 208-885-4357) located in the Teaching Learning Center Room 128 to have your primary/preferred email designation switched to your employee email. When making your request, use the term “Primary Email Account” and avoid mentioning “BbLearn” or “Blackboard”.

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