File Fix or Convert

There are a number of options for converting from one file type to another (e.g., Word doc -> PDF).

  • Microsoft Office Applications such as Word and PowerPoint can save documents as PDF files with the Save As or Save as Adobe PDF options.
  • Adobe Acrobat DC is a popular PDF creator with a feature called Fast Web View. This feature allows a PDF document to be downloaded one page at a time. However, Chrome's built-in PDF reader can only view the first page of a Fast Web View PDF file stored inside BbLearn. So we recommend disabling the Fast Web View feature by going to Preferences, then Documents, and finally unchecking Save As optimizes for Fast Web View.
  • Convert.Files is a free tool that converts files into different types.
  • Online PDF Converter is a free tool that converts, rotates, and reorders documents as a PDF.

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