Web Link

Use the Web Link feature in a Content Area (left side menu item) to create a link to a URL (i.e. a Web address) and provide quick access to a resource on the Internet.

  • From a Content Area (left side menu item) within your course, point to Build Content on the Action Bar. If you do not yet have a content area created, Create a New Content Area before continuing with the instructions below.
  • Select Web Link.
  • Enter a Name for the Web Link
  • Enter the Web Address / URL (e.g., --or--
  • Optional - In the text editor box, type in a description for the Web Link OR copy and paste content using Control + V (or Mac - Command + V) created elsewhere. Learn more about using the BbLearn Text Editor.
  • Click on the Submit button to save your Web Link.
  • BbLearn displays a success message at the top of the page and the Web Link you added now appears in the Content Area.

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