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Share Your Screen

Zoom allows a host to screen share a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Use caution when sharing your screen so that you do not accidentally share something that should not be shared. You may also use Zoom's annotation tools on a shared screen or whiteboard during your session.

  • The University of Idaho has set its default screen sharing settings to allow only the host permission to share a screen. This setting prevents outsiders from exploiting open meetings and sharing inappropriate, offensive materials. Learn more: Zoom Privacy Protection.
  • Hosts may allow participants to share their screens by changing this setting during an active Zoom session. Hosts may also change the default screen sharing setting for all meetings they host through their personal settings in

If you are a Macintosh user with problems sharing your screen in Zoom, change your operating system settings to allow Zoom to share your screen. Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Screen Recording. Check the option for

Captions (Slide Show), Real-Time

Closed CaptioningNote: Zoom provides a tool to create automatic real-time captioning during a Zoom session. When using Zoom's tool, there is no need to use either option listed below. Zoom's tool captures all audio for a session (including audio that occurs during screen sharing).

Both Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides can be used to produce real-time captioning for slide show presentations shared during a Zoom session. As you talk, your mic picks up everything you say and adds it as closed captioning to the bottom of your presentation. The captions generated are pretty accurate--especially when you are close to the mic and take care to enunciate clearly. As a bonus, the captions are saved as part of your Zoom recording.


To produce real-time captioning during a slide show delivered in Zoom:

  • Slide share real-time captions show up on Zoom's session recordings.
  • Slide share captions are only generated during the time in which you are sharing a slide show.
  • You must use the mic attached to the computer being used to deliver the slide show.
  • To activate in Microsoft PowerPoint, go to Slide Show and check the box next to Always use Subtitles. You must use the new version of PowerPoint (which has already been pushed out to all UI campus machines). Deliver your slides using one of the following browsers: Google Chrome 34+, MS Edge, Mozilla Firefox 25+.
  • To activate in Google Slides, click the CC button in the lower left corner. Deliver your slides using the browser: Google Chrome.

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Experiencing problems sharing your screen? Visit the Zoom's Sharing Your Screen Help for additional troubleshooting tips organized by Platform. For more troubleshooting options, see Detailed Help for Screen Sharing

Play Video

We do not recommend that you try to play a video during a Zoom session. Playing a video may cause bandwidth issues for students with a poor signal. Instead, provide the video link to your students in Chat or have the video linked up in BbLearn. Then ask your students to watch the video while you pause the session to give them time to do so.

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