Zoom Real-Time Captions

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Real-Time Captions in Zoom Session

Zoom supports the creation of automatic real-time captioning during a Zoom session. Only Hosts may turn this feature on, but all zoom participants may view the captions once they have been turned on by the host.

As the host, look to the bottom of your screen to locate the Live Transcript button next to the Record button. Once you click on this, select Enable Auto-Transcription under Live Transcript.

Closed CaptioningClick the "up arrow" to the right of the CC icon to display a list containing:

  • Hide Subtitle - Each participant may hide the subtitles displayed in real-time should they find them distracting.
  • View Full Transcript - This displays the full transcript to the right of the zoom session. It contains a Save Transcript button which you may use to download the full transcript to your computer. Be sure to press this BEFORE exiting the session.
  • Edit the Subtitle Settings - From this window, you may change the size of the Closed Caption Font Size among other things.
  • Zoom's real-time captions DO NOT show up on Zoom's session recordings.

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