Missing a Course?


Students are added to BbLearn classes 2-3 weeks before the official start date of the semester. Students won't see their class until then. Also, instructors must "Turn On" their classes to give students access.

If you don't see your class in the BbLearn list after the first official day of class, contact your instructor to confirm whether they're using BbLearn, and if it has been made available to students. If you're unable to reach the course instructor, contact the department associated with the course. You may use the UIDAHO Directory to help locate contact information.


Courses are auto-generated about three months before the semester begins. If a course you're teaching is not listed in your BbLearn Course list, check to see if the course is hidden. If the course is still missing, check with your Departmental Scheduler to be sure you've been assigned as an "Instructor of Record" in BANNER/Courseleaf CLSS. This process can take 4-8 hours to synch between BANNER and BbLearn. If you're still unable to find your course, please email for assistance.

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