Media - Audio, Video, Presentations

There are many free services available online for creating and hosting multimedia presentations. Below are a few that have worked well for students and instructors. Assistance with Copyright and Fair Use is also available.

Viewing Embedded Content

If you experience problems viewing embedded content in BbLearn, you may need to adjust your Browser Security. If that doesn't work, ask your instructor to provide you with a Web Link to the embedded content.


Course mashup content such as YouTube videos, Flickr photos, and SlideShare presentations are hosted on servers external to the University of Idaho BbLearn server. Google Chrome recognizes that the content is not coming from the same secure server, and will block it. In order to view this type of content in Chrome, click the gray shield icon in the address bar, and select Load anyway. This will kick you out to the course homepage, where you can navigate back to the mashup content you were trying to view. It should display as expected.

Internet Explorer


Opening MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel

If asked for a UserID and Password when opening a Microsoft Office document from Internet Explorer, try SAVING the file instead. Then, open the saved version.

WARNING: The Internet Explorer browser (IE) is no longer supported by BbLearn. If you experience problems uploading files via IE, please switch to a supported browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari).

Content linked inside a BbLearn course which is actually hosted from another server will throw security warnings which must be answered correctly in order to view the content. Look towards the bottom of the screen. Press the Show all content button.

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