Global Navigation

Global Navigation refers to a set of links appearing at the very top of BbLearn. Follow the steps below to view all your student grades via the Global Navigation:

  • Click on your name displayed in the upper right corner of BbLearn to open up the Global Navigation.
  • Click on the My Grades icon on the left side (shown below circled in red).
  • The Global Navigation view will fill your window. The left side of the screen (shown below) shows you the current grade total for each class. Click on any class to populate the right side of the screen with grade details.
  • The right side of the screen (shown below) displays grade details. Select All to show all available grades for the class.
  • Note: You may view receipts for any assignments you have uploaded to a course by selecting Submitted as shown below. A Submission Receipt count for the class will appear at the bottom of the page. Click on the number shown there to view all of your Submission Receipts.
  • When you are done viewing your grades, close the Global Navigation view by clicking on My Courses (upper right corner of BbLearn).

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