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Accessing BbLearn Grades

The My Grades tool shows the status of gradable items, such as tests, assignments, journal and blog entries, and discussion posts. Instructors must add the My Grades tool to the course for it to be listed on the course menu. Even if an instructor has not added the My Grades tool, you may view your course grades through BbLearn's Global Navigation or Mobile Apps.

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My Grades Tool

  • Graded activities that were submitted inside BbLearn may have a clickable Title, Comments, or Rubric where you can get more details on your submission.
  • Submitted activities that have not yet been graded will have an exclamation point icon.
  • Upcoming activities that have not yet been submitted will be listed with a dash for the score.
  • Activities that were submitted external to BbLearn (i.e. offline) may still have grades entered into your My Grades area.

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