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Colleges and Related Units

Academic Certificates

The University offers Academic Certificates in various academic disciplines. An academic certificate is defined as a coherent body of work designed to reflect specialized expertise.

An academic certificate must include at least 12 credits of coursework. All required coursework must be completed with a grade of "C" or better unless the certificate specifies a higher grade requirement. Any student (undergraduate or graduate) may pursue an academic certificate by contacting the academic department in which it is offered.

Up to six of the required credits may consist of course work completed at another regionally accredited institution.

Course work must not be more than five years old unless it is being used in conjunction with the completion of a graduate degree.

Enrollment in 500-level courses is limited to students with a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution with a minimum 3.00 cumulative grade point average and applicable undergraduate seniors (see Regulation B-7 and the College of Graduate Studies section of this catalog).

The curricular requirements of the academic certificates can be found in the relevant department in the catalog. The curricular requirements of the University of Idaho Leadership academic certificate can be found below.

University of Idaho Leadership Undergraduate Academic Certificate

The Leadership Program develops general leadership skills that are needed and valued in the workplace and community but not commonly taught in the traditional college classroom. This 18-credit program, open to all undergraduates, consists of courses and structured practicum that provide academic knowledge mixed with practical, hands-on experience. An application form must be filed in their college office. The college associate deans or other college designees will advise students and approve applications, study plans, practicum, and course substitutions.

General Leadership and Communication Courses (12 cr). Students must complete 12 credits with a minimum of 6 cr in leadership and 3 cr in communication courses.

Leadership courses (minimum of 6 cr):

AgEd 450

Developing Leaders (2 cr)

Bus 311

Introduction to Management (3 cr)

Bus 413

Leadership and Organizational Behavior (3cr)

Bus 418

Organization Design and Changes (3 cr)

CSS 486

Public Involvement in Natural Resource Management (3 cr)

MS 101, MS 111

Introduction to Military Science/Leadership Lab (2 cr)

MS 102, MS 112

Fundamentals of Leadership and Management/Leadership Lab (2 cr)

MS 201, MS 211

Applied Leadership and Management/Leadership Lab (3 cr)

MS 202, MS 212

Applied Leadership and Management/Leadership Lab (3 cr)

MvSc 429

Leadership, Pedagogy and Program Planning for Healthy Active Lifestyles (3 cr)

Rec 254

Camp Leadership in Recreation and Sport (3 cr)

Communication courses (minimum of 3 cr):

Art 121

Integrated Design Process (2 cr)

Art 122

Design Process II (3 cr)

Comm 233

Interpersonal Communication (3 cr)

Comm 235

Organizational Communication (3 cr)

Comm 332

Communication and the Small Group (3 cr)

Comm 410

Conflict Management (3 cr)

Comm 431

Professional Presentation Techniques (3 cr)

CSS 387

Environmental and Communication Skills (3 cr)

Engl 207

Persuasive Writing (3 cr)

Engl 313

Business Writing (3 cr)

Engl 316

Environmental Writing (3 cr)

Engl 317

Technical Writing (3 cr)

JAMM 121

Media Writing (3 cr)

JAMM 252

Introduction to Public Relations (3 cr)

Leadership Development Courses (6 cr). Students must complete 6 cr with a minimum of 2 cr each in leadership practicum and service practicum.

498 Intern:

Practicum in Leadership (2-4 cr). Supervised leadership development through on-campus or off-campus organizations, living groups, etc.

498 Intern:

Practicum in Service (2-4 cr). Supervised university or community service such as tutoring, mentoring, teaching, etc.