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Psychology (B.A. or B.S.)

Note: Psyc 101 and Psyc 218 must be completed with a grade of C or better and a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 must be attained for students seeking upper-division standing in the department. In order to graduate with a degree in psychology, a 2.50 GPA must be attained.

Required course work includes the university requirements (see regulation J-3), the general requirements for either the B.A. or B.S. degree, and:

Psyc 101

Introduction to Psychology (3 cr)

Psyc 201

Survey of Contemporary Psychology (1 cr)

Psyc 218

Introduction to Research in the Behavioral Sciences (4 cr)

Stat 251

Statistical Methods (3 cr)

One of the following (4 cr)

Biol 102, Biol 102L

Biology and Society and Lab (4 cr)

Biol 115

Cells and the Evolution of Life (4 cr)

A grade of C or above in at least three courses from each of the following groups (18 cr):

Personal/Social Bases of Behavior

Psyc 305

Developmental Psychology (3 cr)

Psyc 310

Psychology of Personality (3 cr)

Psyc 311

Abnormal Psychology (3 cr)

Psyc 320

Introduction to Social Psychology (3 cr)

Biological/Experimental Bases of Behavior

Psyc 325

Cognitive Psychology (3 cr)

Psyc 372

Physiological Psychology (3 cr)

Psyc 390

Psychology of Learning (3 cr)

Psyc 430

Tests and Measurements (3 cr)

Psyc 444

Sensation and Perception (3 cr)

Psyc 456

Psychology of Emotion (3 cr)

At least 12 additional upper-division psychology credits. Up to 6 of these credits may be earned by taking Comm 347, Comm 410, Comm 432, or Comm 433. Only 3 of these credits may come from Psyc 400, Psyc 494, Psyc 497, Psyc 498, and/or Psyc 499. A grade of C or better must be earned in each course taken to complete this category.

Courses to total 120 credits for this degree