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Recommended Readings

A suggested list of books, articles, theses, etc. often referenced by the Center for ETHICS*

Moral Development

The study of moral development, moral reasoning, and character education is very specific.  For those interested in studying and conducting research in this area, a strong grasp of the literature in ethics and psychology is a must.  To fully understand and appreciate the different theories requires a grounding in both ethical and psychological theories, research, and application.  Below find a series of books written and edited by scholars in both of these fields.  No research study should be undertaken without at least this list of general readings.

Moral Reasoning, Moral Development, and Character Education with Competitive Populations

The in-depth study of moral development, moral reasoning, and character education, in sport and other competitive populations is a relatively recent event (the past 25 years), however, much has been written philosophically about the importance of character development in athletics and sport.   Below find a list of research studies and philosophical documents that should be examined when undertaking any study of competitive populations and the purpose of why competition is supported as a means to develop character.

Center for ETHICS* Dissertations and Theses

For the past 14 years, The Center for ETHICS* has studied moral reasoning and moral development of competitive populations (sport, business, law, military, air force, navy and so forth) as well as the effect of moral education programs on moral reasoning.  The Center has created, validated, and developed sound reliability on three different cognitive instruments.  To date the Center has a data base of over 60,000 individuals with these instruments.  The copyrighted instruments are available for a fee through the Center (see main website for information about ordering).  To better understand each instrumentís theoretical construct, validity, and reliability see the following dissertations and manuals.  (These dissertations and manuals are available through the Center, UMI, and the University of Idaho Library).

Additional readings: (not found on linked Dissertations page)

Davis, B. (2003). A pilot study examining referee perceptions of sport spectator influence on game decisions. Unpublished master's thesis. University of Idaho, Mowcow.

Tennant, S. (1991). Personal and Moral Development: A Developmental curriculum Intervention for Liberal Arts Freshmen. Dissertation Abstracts International, 51, 2657A

Neuroscience and Morality

Program Theory and Evaluation

Spirituality/Moral Reasoning


Philosophy in Sport/Sport Ethics

Sociology and History of Sport