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Canvas for Students in 10 Steps

Canvas for Students  in 10 Steps
Download Infographic for Students Shown Above (PDF)

11. Customize Your Profile with Image, Bio

  • Click on Account and go to the Settings link.
  • Click on the silhouette to the left of your name to add a Profile Image (this can be a picture of yourself or any picture that you would like to represent you).
  • Click on the Edit Settings button on the right to modify your Pronouns, set up your preferred language, or designate your preferred time zone.
  • Click on Update Settings to save your changes.

22. Customize Canvas Notifications

  • Choose what, how often, and where you want Canvas to send information to you.
  • Click on Account and go to the Notifications link. Review and customize each setting.
  • Review Help with Canvas Notifications.

Troubleshooting TIPs

  • How to Stop Duplicate Notifications from the Canvas Student Mobile App.
  • Canvas uses your preferred email account to send notifications to. If desired, contact the Student Technology Center listed below to switch your preferred UofI email account.

    Student Assistance
    OIT Student Technology Center
    (208) 885-HELP

33. Download the Canvas Student Mobile App

44. Access Your Courses

  • Upon logging into you will land on the Dashboard which contains your favorite courses.
  • Click the Courses link, then go to the All Courses link. Courses are always listed alphabetically; you cannot reorder your courses manually.
  • Control which courses appear in your Dashboard by marking courses as favorites. To make a course a favorite, click the Star icon next to a course in the All Courses view. When at least one course has been identified as a favorite, the Dashboard will only display your course favorites.

55. Use the Calendar

  • The Calendar displays events and due dates for all of your courses.
  • Click on the Calendar link located in the left menu in Canvas.

66. View Course Announcements

  • Instructors may use announcements to distribute important information to you.
  • If your instructor chooses to use the Announcements tool for their course, access Announcements within the course menu on the left.
  • The announcement title shown in a black, bold font, is the link to an individual announcement. Click on the Announcement Title and you will be taken to the full announcement.

77. Go To Modules

  • In Canvas, Modules outline the structure/organization of the course and provide links to course content including syllabus, quizzes, assignments, discussions, etc.
  • Access Modules within the course menu on the left.
  • The course home page by default is Modules so Modules may be the first thing you see when you enter a course.

88. Complete and Submit Assignments

  • Canvas allows you to participate in discussions, take quizzes/tests, and submit papers and assignments.
  • Access Assignments within the course menu on the left. In addition to assignments, the Assignments view also gives you access to all items in the course worth points such as Quizzes and Discussions.
  • Click on the Assignment Title to enter it.

  • If it is an assignment, you will see something similar to the screen shot below.
  • Click on Start Assignment to submit your work.
  • TIP: Click the Immersive Reader button (which appears in the top right corner of many Canvas pages) it to gain access to proven techniques to improve reading for people, regardless of their age or ability. Key features include "read text out loud," "break it into syllables," and "increase spacing between lines and letters." Immersive Reader offers text-decoding solutions for students with learning differences such as dyslexia, and it encourages independent reading and helps teachers support students' unique learning needs.

  • If it is a quiz, you will see something similar to the screen shot below.
  • Click on Take the Quiz to start it.

  • Advance through the Modules usiing the previous-next progression bar at the bottom of a page. To advance to the next module item, click the Next button. To return to a previous module item, click the Previous button.

99. Check Your Grades


  • Access Grades within the course menu on the left.

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