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Using Canvas

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Authentication Requirements
Individuals must have a UIdaho computer account to authenticate via DUO for Canvas access. Adjunct or Temporary Instructors may access Canvas before their U of I start date by:

  1. Having the department fill out an Affiliate Data Form and faxing it to HR to generate a V-number.
  2. Having the department request a Sponsored Account with an expiration date 2-4 weeks past the first day of class.
  3. Asking the new Adjunct or Temporary Instructors to successfully complete their FERPA training in VandalWeb.

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How to locate a Course that is Missing from my Dashboard

Dashboard vs Courses
Both the Dashboard and Courses views automatically display up to 20 of your courses alphabetically -- unless you have identified course favorites. Locate a course not listed in the Dashboard by clicking on Courses > All Courses. Courses from concluded semesters are also located in Courses > All Courses under Past Enrollments.

Setup Course Favorites
When you are enrolled in more than one Canvas course, you can select which active courses you want to show in Courses and Dashboard. Identify course favorites by going to Courses > All Courses and clicking on the Star icon to the left of a course to mark it as a favorite. There is no limit on the number of favorite courses you may have. Return to Courses > All Courses to change your course favorites. Note: Courses from concluded semesters cannot be designated as favorites. More Info

Restrict Student Access to a Course that has Ended

If you are concerned about restricting access to past quiz information, use one or more of the quiz settings shown below to restrict a student's access to their quiz results. Simply edit each quiz, make the appropriate setting selection(s), and press Save.

If you wish to restrict student access in your past courses for more than quiz results, consider using option 2 or 3 listed below. Please keep in mind that if you have students with "incompletes", your course MUST be left open (option 1) to allow student submissions to continue.

  1. Leave the course open
    Students continue to have the same access to course content, quizzes, assignments, instructor feedback/annotations, and grades as they did when the course was actively being taught.
  2. Switch to a read-only view
    Give students a read-only view of the course content, quizzes, assignments, instructor feedback/annotations, and grades after the selected "course end date".
  3. Restrict all student access
    Remove all student access to the course content, quizzes, assignments, instructor feedback/annotations, and grades after the selected "course end date".

How to switch your course to a read-only view or restrict all student access

  • Enter your Canvas course
  • Select Settings from the left menu
  • From the Course Details tab, scroll down and change Participation from Term to Course
  • Enter an End Date of your choosing. Make sure the End Date (and Time) entered is well after students will be submitting course work (Final Exam, Final Paper, Incomplete work, etc.)
  • (optional)
    • If you wish to Restrict all student access, check the box next to Restrict students from viewing course after course end date.
    • If you want your students will have a Read-only view of the course, do not check this box.
  • Scroll down and press Update Course Details

Courses/Enrollments in Canvas

5am, 10am, 3pm daily: Feed File pushes from Banner into Canvas start running and take less than an hour to complete.

Courses in Canvas

Most 2018-2021 BbLearn course content was transferred in bulk to Canvas. For course content you need and cannot locate in Canvas, migrate it over yourself before BbLearn access is removed.

"for-credit" courses appear in Canvas three months before semester start.

Enrollments in Canvas

[PREP] course individuals in the Teacher role may to enroll additional Teachers.

[UIDAHO] course individuals in the Teacher and TA roles may to enroll individuals as Teachers, TAs, Designers, or Students.

"for-credit" Course Enrollments
The course instructor must work directly with their Department's Classroom Scheduler to fill out a request form for submission to Classroom Scheduling. These enrollments are then pushed into Canvas through a feed file three times a day.

  • Instructors of Record are added by your Department Scheduler through Courseleaf CLSS. Instructors without an active EPAF can be added by the Department Scheduler a maximum of two weeks prior to the beginning of the term.
  • Students are automatically added to Canvas courses four weeks before the semester starts for Fall and Summer terms. For the Spring term, students are added to Canvas courses the first day UI returns to work in January.
  • Additional Enrollments must be requested by your Department's Classroom Scheduler via a request form sent to Classroom Scheduling. Enrollments cannot be added by CETL. Note: Undergraduate students cannot be added to for-credit courses in the roles of Teachers, TAs, or Graders because these roles have grading access.
    • Teachers have a significant responsibility for teaching and grading "for credit" courses. They can build, modify, and delete course content. They may create, manage, and grade all types of student assessments. They have full access to the course gradebook. (BbLearn equivalent: Instructor)
    • TAs (a.k.a. Teaching Assistants) can build, modify, and delete course content. They can create, manage, and grade all types of student assessments. They have full access to the course gradebook. (BbLearn equivalent: Builder/Grader)
    • Designers don't have access to student work, discussion posts, or the course gradebook. If a person needs to build/modify course content and also access student work, use the TA role. (BbLearn equivalent: Course Builder)
    • Graders assist instructors with grading, but cannot help build/modify course content. They may grade all types of student assessments and have access to the course gradebook.
    • Participants have the same permissions as students. Those added to the Participant role include CDAR Notetakers (added directly via CDAR) and other non-enrolled individuals needing student access.

Canvas 24/7 Support

Canvas offers 24/7/365 support to TEACHERS and STUDENTS. Click on Help at the bottom of the Canvas left menu to view your available options. Contact for U of I assistance.

Canvas Resources

Instructor Guides for Popular Canvas Tools
Additional Resources for Teachers

AllyAdditional Resources for Students

Canvas Course Copy

How to Copy Content from One Canvas Course into Another (1 min)

Remember that the Canvas course copy "pulls from" whereas the BbLearn course copy "pushes into". To start the process, enter the (empty) course and then follow the steps below:

  1. Press the Import Existing Content button located on the right side of the Course Home page
  2. Select Copy a Canvas Course from the pulldown
  3. Use the next pulldown to search and select the course containing the desired content
  4. Select All content
  5. (Optional) Check Adjust events and due dates to easily move all due dates forward as appropriate for the next semester.
  6. Press Import

Note: You must have Teacher access for both courses.

Migrate Content from BbLearn

  • The content for most "for credit" courses from 2018 through 2021 has already been transferred in bulk from BbLearn to Canvas. Although most of this content transfers correctly, some tools (such as Journals and Rubrics) do not.
  • For course content you need and cannot locate in Canvas (including [PREP] and [UIDAHO] courses), you may need to migrate it over yourself before BbLearn access is removed. Email to verify that the content has not already been transferred to Canvas--as it may already be there, but not attached to your account.
  • If you need "for credit" course content from a BbLearn course taught prior to 2018, email for assistance. "For credit" courses taught before 2018 are no longer on the server and need to be restored from offline backups.

Migrate Content from BbLearn to Canvas

Step 1

Export from BbLearn
Step by Step

Exporting from BbLearn
(7 min)

Step 2

Request a [PREP] Course in Canvas to import your course content into.

Step 3

Import into Canvas
Step by Step

Importing into Canvas
(2 min)

Tip for Macintosh Users
If using Safari on a Macintosh, do not let the browser automatically unpack the exported ZIP file created in Step 1 (above). Follow our help on downloading ZIP files via Safari to prevent this BEFORE exporting from BbLearn.

CETL Support

Each faculty member at U of I has diverse preferences and needs when it comes to learning a new application. To address these varying needs, CETL provides the following offerings. Please contact for additional assistance with Canvas.

Growing with Canvas courseSelf-Directed Study

Self-Directed Webinars on Canvas

Self-Directed Courses on Canvas

  • FOR TEACHERS - If you like to explore on your own, the Growing with Canvas course provides extensive guidance and videos to help you become familiar with Canvas. If you do not see this course listed in Canvas, email to be added.
  • FOR STUDENTS - All students can learn about Canvas via the Passport to Canvas course specifically designed for them.

Wired Wednesday Recordings

Wired Wednesday

One-On-One Help

Contact to setup a one-on-one session with a CETL Instructional Designer.

Carolyn Raynor

Carolyn Raynor
Lead Instructional Designer
EDU 225

Sean Quallen

Sean Quallen
Instructional Designer
EDU 207

Doug Habib

Douglas Habib
Academic Consultant
EDU 224

Move to Canvas

Market Share Trends

Canvas is the preferred LMS among K-12 and higher education institutions nationwide. With year-end 2021 data, Canvas leads with 34% of US & Canadian higher ed institutions, followed by Moodle at 21%, Blackboard at 20%, and D2L at 14%.

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2021 Canvas Pilot at U of I

Canvas by InstructurePILOT REPORT (Aug 31, 2021)
Canvas Pilot Recommendation Report

U of I Moving to Canvas for LMS

U of I Transition to Canvas


The goal of the 2021 Canvas Pilot was to provide faculty exposure to Canvas so they could provide feedback on its ability to meet their LMS needs. Feedback generated by participating faculty was presented to leadership at the end of Summer 2021.

Feedback Categories

  • Faculty experience associated with migrating to Canvas
  • Canvas features look and feel
  • Support needed by faculty during a potential migration
  • Recommended practices in teaching effectively with Canvas

Pilot Participation

  • Spring Canvas Pilot
    Fifty-eight faculty from 9 colleges (CAA, CALS, CBE, CLASS, CNR, EHHS, ENGR, LAW, SCI) participated in "getting to know" Canvas, experimenting with its key features, and providing feedback about their experience.
  • Summer Canvas Pilot
    Twenty faculty from 6 colleges (CAA, CBE, CLASS, CNR, EHHS, LAW) went on to teach 23 summer courses in Canvas to a total of 312 students.


All faculty should be mindful of the University's policies
regarding intellectual property and fair use.