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Faculty Spotlight Series

The Faculty Spotlight Series showcases the innovative work of our incredible faculty. Every semester, the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning features a diverse array of faculty whose teaching and research defines, inspires, and informs excellence at the University of Idaho.

Spring 2022

Feb 24, 2022
2:00-2:50pm PT

Video (55 min)

Faculty Spotlight Series
Wicked Problems Close to Home
Ryanne Pilgeram, Ph.D., Culture, Society & Justice
Dr. Ryanne Pilgeram discusses why she decided to write a book, Pushed Out: Contested Development and Rural Gentrification in the US West, on Dover, Idaho. She shares the ethical considerations she weighed researching a social issue that was local, urgent, and complex.

Mar 22, 2022
2:00-2:50pm PT

Video (49 min)

Faculty Spotlight Series
Fighting Historical Silences: Oral History and the Power of Queer Western Histories
Rebecca Scofield, Ph.D., History
The cowboy icon which emerged over the twentieth century has been used as a bludgeon of oppression. Imagined as white, male, and heterosexual "the cowboy" became a symbol of belonging (and not belonging) in the American consciousness. The Gay Rodeo Oral History Project seeks to reject that image through the lived experiences of people who identify as both LGBTQ+ and as cowfolx. This talk will explore the power of narrative to undermine exclusionary histories, providing fuller, more nuanced, understandings of our region.

Apr 18, 2022
2:00-2:50pm PT

Video (49 min)

Faculty Spotlight Series
Company Town Legacy: Forging University-Community Partnerships
Diane Kelly-Riley, Ph.D., English, with Gary Strong
What happens to a company town when the company leaves? This is the central question informing our public humanities project, Company Town Legacy, which focuses on the rural northern Idaho town of Potlatch, once home to the world's largest white pine mill until the mill closed permanently in 1981. Company Town Legacy is a university and community partnership that reflects on the legacy of corporate influence and the challenges of economic revitalization, renewal, and restoration in the rural American west. The project has offered undergraduate and graduate students in English diverse pathways of study involving digital humanities and public engagement with a focus on rural settings.

Archive of Past Faculty Spotlight Presentations