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Faculty Spotlight Series

The Faculty Spotlight Series showcases the innovative work of our incredible faculty. Every semester, the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning features a diverse array of faculty whose teaching and research defines, inspires, and informs excellence at the University of Idaho.

Spring 2024 Presentations

Video (55 min)

Faculty Spotlight Series
Self-Directed Learning Modules to Improve Student Performance In and Beyond STEM Disciplines
Tao Xing, Ph.D, P.E., Professor, Mechanical Engineering
GenZ students (ages 17-22) are more self-paced, self-directed, and independent, with freedom of what/how they learn. Previous studies have shown that a positive relationship exists between engineering students' self-directed learning abilities and online learning experience. Our research demonstrates the impact of self-directed learning modules on student success. We will share key design elements that make such modules effective, and strategies for fostering innovation at the intersection of teaching, learning, and scholarship. Please join Dr. Tao Xing who is presenting this Faculty Spotlight with his cohorts Dr. Steve Beyerlein, Dr. John Crepeau, and Dr. Sean Quallen.

Archive of Past Faculty Spotlight Presentations