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Faculty Spotlight Series

The Faculty Spotlight Series showcases the innovative work of our incredible faculty. Every semester, the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning features a diverse array of faculty whose teaching and research defines, inspires, and informs excellence at the University of Idaho.

Spring 2023

Video (53 min)

Faculty Spotlight Series
What Can the Zoo Do?: Animals and Social Change in Argentina
Ashley Kerr, Ph.D., School of Global Studies
In this talk, Ashley Kerr discusses her sabbatical research at the Buenos Aires Zoo in Argentina. What’s it like to be given access to two rooms packed with dusty and completely unorganized boxes of archival materials with peacocks and Patagonian maras wandering by? And what can the documents inside tell us about how Argentine elites used the zoo and its animals to shape society in the early 20th century?

Video (47 min)

Faculty Spotlight Series
What Can Video Games Teach Us About Criminology and Society?
Kristine Levan, Ph.D., Culture, Society & Justice
The nuances of games and the video game subculture are critical to understanding their importance in society. As the relevancy of video games has increased, this has subsequently impacted perceptions on issues such as crime and justice. Issues such as gamer identity, as well as broader issues of video games were also explored.

Video (46 min)

Faculty Spotlight Series
Tracking Student Competencies from the Freshman to the Senior Year
John Crepeau, Ph.D., P.E., Mechanical Engineering
A group of faculty members in the Department of Mechanical Engineering developed a unique assessment to determine how well student skill developed over the course of their educational experience at the University of Idaho. This session showcases assessment in a unique and positive light - one that maps and supports learning gains and skill development from the freshman year to the senior capstone, and then to the workforce. This session also highlights the value of collaboration in advancing--and documenting--student success.

Archive of Past Faculty Spotlight Presentations