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Teach Flexibly

As the University of Idaho helps to prevent the spread of COVID-19, please know that CETL is here to help every step of the way. Our advice? Try to rely on tools and workflows that are familiar to you & your students and roll out new tools only when necessary.

Strive to be there for your students - they're humans directly affected by this event on multiple levels. Be understanding. Care. Keep in mind that not all your students have Internet capabilities that support video. Do your best to teach as well as you can. Think small. And remember that we can be present in many ways, not just via our lectures.

Words of wisdom for the first day of class . . .

Course Delivery Methods

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Conference Calls
Each university phone has conference call capabilities. See detailed instructions from ITS on how to use Conference Now.

Use Zoom

Distribute Zoom Recordings
FERPA-Protected VideoDon't Store Recordings in BbLearn. Instead, Link to or Embed your video in your BbLearn course once it is successfully hosted elsewhere. Use Microsoft Stream to store ALL FERPA-protected video. Protect Zoom recordings by assigning the correct permissions as follows:
  1. Within MS Stream Permissions, uncheck Allow everyone in your company to view this video.
  2. Assign MS Groups for each course section to a video to give enrolled students assess.

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Virtual Labs

Be mindful of University policies regarding intellectual property and fair use.