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HyFlex Course Delivery

HyFlex classes decrease classroom density by having some students participate in an on-campus classroom and some participate virtually via Zoom. Students meet in the on-campus classroom according to a rotating schedule specified by the instructor. Both modes are delivered synchronously during the times listed in the Class Schedule.


What is HyFlex?

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What is HyFlex?

"A HyFlex section meets both face to face and virtually via video link utilizing an app such as Zoom. The instructor splits the students into groups where the groups meet face to face with the instructor on alternating dates. While one group meets face to face with the instructor, the other(s) would join the class synchronously using their own devices from remote locations. This instructional method was specifically designed to accommodate social distancing during the COVID 19 pandemic." -- UI Users Guide to Classroom Scheduling, page 8

In a HyFlex course, on any given day, some students participate in-class AND some students participate online--all at the same time (synchronously).

HyFlex teaching provides students the opportunity to participate in all class activities, accomplish all learning goals, and satisfy all educational requirements in a synchronous, technology-enabled space. The goal of HyFlex is to make both the online and in-person experiences equal.

Hyflex . . .

  • Primarily synchronous sessions
  • Two “live” audiences –one in class, another online
  • Clearly identify how and when each student/population will participate
  • Set clear expectations for communication, engagement, and participation
  • Record sessions for students who may not be able to attend live
  • Think about parity --equally enriching learning experiences for all students
  • Use BbLearn and other tools to maintain a sense of community.

Faculty ToolkitFaculty Resources

Faculty Toolkit

- Diane Kelly-Riley, Interim Vice Provost for Faculty
- Barbara Kirchmeier, Faculty Senate Chair
- Brian Smentkowski, CETL

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