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Supporting New(er) Faculty Success

New Faculty Success

New Faculty Orientation

New Faculty Orientation welcomes you to the University of Idaho and provides an opportunity to meet people, develop a sense of community, and position you to have a successful start at the University of Idaho.

This year’s event provides a dynamic introduction to the University of Idaho and “the Vandal Family,” all while being mindful of the demanding schedule leading up to the beginning of the semester. Accordingly, New Faculty Orientation is spread across 3 mornings in August and continues in the form of an engaging New(er) Faculty Seminar distributed across the academic calendar. Our goal for these three days of orientation is to help you get started with your work at the University of Idaho and to introduce you to the multiple resources, units, and people who are here to support your success. The New(er) Faculty Seminar provides opportunities to connect with colleagues and to more deeply explore many issues related to our work as faculty over the course of the academic year.   

Joe Vandal Welcomes You

Immediately below you will find the agenda for the New Faculty Orientation; a list of campus and community offices and opportunities that can support you professionally and personally; a schedule and brief description of the New(er) Faculty Seminar sessions; and resources essential to have a strong start at the University of Idaho.

On behalf of the Center, the Office of the Provost and Vice Provost for Faculty, and the entire Vandal Family, WELCOME!


2024 New Faculty Orientation Schedule

Monday, August 12  ISUB Summit Room (coffee, tea and light fare)

TBA Welcome and Introduction to the University of Idaho
Diane Kelly-Riley, Vice Provost for Faculty
Torrey Lawrence, Provost and Executive Vice President
Brian Smentkowski, Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
TBA Workshop on Teaching--Getting Started
Brian Smentkowski, Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Nate Schiele, Faculty Affiliate, Office of Undergraduate Research
Sandra Reineke, Director, University Honors Program
TBA Getting to Know University of Idaho Students
Blaine Eckles, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Dean of Students
Jerry McMurtry, Dean, College of Graduate Studies
Panel of undergraduate and graduate students
TBA Group Photo  
TBA Welcome Reception and Catered Lunch
TBA Reserved for meetings with departments or colleges

Tuesday, August 13  ISUB Summit Room (coffee, tea and light fare)

TBA Announcements/Reminders
Diane Kelly-Riley, Vice Provost for Faculty
TBA Jumpstarting Your Research Agenda
Holly Wichman, University Distinguished Professor; Director, IMCI
Carly Cummings, Director, Research and Faculty Development
Barbara Petty, Associate Dean and Director of UI Extension
TBA Toward Inclusive Teaching, Research, Outreach and Service
Diane Kelly-Riley, Vice Provost for Faculty
Rebecca Scofield, Chair, Associate Professor of History
Philip Stevens, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Director of American Indian Studies
Kirsten Pomerantz, Senior Instructor, Elementary Education
Karina Eichner, Assistant Professor, Culture, Society and Justice
Jesse Martinez, Director, Office of Multicultural Affairs
Cory Voss, Director, Center for Disability Access and Resources
TBA State of the University Address
TBA Reserved for meetings with departments or colleges

Wednesday, August 14  IRIC Atrium (coffee, tea and light fare)

TBA Announcements/Reminders
Diane Kelly-Riley, Vice Provost for Faculty
TBA Community Engaged Learning, Teaching and Scholarship
Brian Smentkowski, Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Rula Awwad-Rafferty, Professor and Chair, Department of Design and Environments, Acting Director, Interior Architecture and Design, and Service-Learning Faculty Associate
TBA Navigating U of I’s systems—VandalWeb, VandalStar, and more!
Diane Kelly-Riley, Vice Provost for Faculty
TBA Visit the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
College of Education Building, Suite 200
5:30-8:00 New Faculty + Families Welcome Dinner
UI Moscow Admin Lawn
(Admin First Floor in case of inclement weather or smoke)
  • 5:30-6:00pm Social
  • 6:00pm Dinner Served

New faculty and their family, department chairs, deans, and orientation presenters are invited to attend this dinner. Please RSVP to


New(er) Faculty Resource Links




Moscow Community


New(er) Faculty Seminar

Picking up where New Faculty Orientation left off, the New(er) Faculty Seminar is a year-long program focused on a cluster of topics essential to a strong start and a fruitful career at UI and in higher education. Led by a team of academic leaders, faculty, and staff skilled in and dedicated to successful scholarship, pedagogy, and service, the program is specifically designed to support our new full-time faculty and to sustain a sense of academic community.

New(er) Faculty Tentative Seminar Schedule

Fall 2024
TBA What I Need to Succeed: Charting a Course for a Successful Year and Career
Brian Smentkowski, Kristin Haltinner, Erin Chapman

This session explores what it is that you, our faculty, “need to succeed” as teachers, scholars, and members of the UI academic community. We will examine different definitions of success –including your own—and pathways to accomplishing them. Together, we will chart a course to a successful and well-balanced career.

TBA Third Year Review and Dossier Preparation for Tenure Track and Non-Tenure Track Faculty
Diane Kelly-Riley

Please join Vice Provost for Faculty Diane Kelly-Riley for a training on the Third Year Review and Dossier Preparation for Tenure Track and Non-Tenure Track Faculty. This training is part of the series on Supporting the Work of Department Chairs and Unit Administrators and is intended for all faculty who are on track for their Third Year Review, unit administrators, deans, associate deans and administrative assistants.
TBA Developing a Strategic Plan for Funding Your Research
Carly Cummings

Developing a successful scholarly presence is important at a research-intensive university. This session is designed to help you develop a strategic plan for funding your research.

TBA Learning Through Diversity
Brian Smentkowski, Erin Chapman

It’s important to be mindful of the diverse array of learners in our classes and how we can reach and teach ALL students, regardless of instructional modality, in an inclusive manner. This session shares a framework and applied strategies to advance equitable educational experiences.

TBA How the Library Can Support Faculty Success
Ben Hunter

On every college campus, and especially at the University of Idaho, the Library is a place where learning begins and flourishes. This session will cover how the UI Library can help support your success as a teacher and scholar.

TBA Looking Back and Looking Ahead – Happy Hour
Brian Smentkowski, Diane Kelly-Riley

Our semester concludes with a time for reflection on the Fall semester and plans for the Spring (and beyond) in an informal social event and setting.

New(er) Faculty Tentative Seminar Schedule

Spring 2025
TBA Developing a Productivity Pipeline: Targets, Goals and Action Plans
Rachel Halverson

Organization is vital to a well-balanced career. This session will introduce faculty to a highly effective strategy for setting targets, identifying goals, and developing action plans –and an agenda—for accomplishing them. Together, we will work towards the construction of a productivity pipeline that works for you.

TBA Hot Topics and Difficult Dialogues
Kelly Quinnett, Brian Smentkowski

Part of our responsibility as teachers and scholars is to investigate and discuss issues that are often controversial and around which divergent opinions exist. We want our students to speak up, but…we’ve all been there. We want productive dialogue and civility to prevail in a climate of mutual respect. But how? In this session, we will explore and practice context-appropriate strategies for (1) maintaining a productive and inclusive learning environment, (2) addressing hot topics and difficult dialogues, and (3) dealing effectively with incivility in our classes.

TBA Work/Life Balance and Research Collaborations
Marty Ytreberg

This session is designed to help new(er) faculty thrive by attaining and maintaining work-life balance and through creative collaborations. Research collaborations are valued at the U of I, and are one of the many keys to a satisfying and invigorating career in higher education. This session will share strategies for keeping your balance and developing sustainable and impactful research collaborations.

TBA Preparing for Promotion and/or Tenure
Diane Kelly-Riley

This is a session you should attend annually. Diane Kelly-Riley, UI’s Vice Provost for Faculty, will share an inventory of strategies designed to help you develop and represent your credentials for promotion and/or tenure. She will share and contextualize important, and occasionally changing, institutional policies and guidelines, and also help you set and progress towards clearly defined goals.

TBA Mentoring Graduate Students
Jerry McMurtry

The only thing worse than no mentoring is bad mentoring. This session focuses on strategies newer faculty can develop and apply to successfully mentor graduate students, mindful of critically important institutional policies, opportunities, and deadlines.

TBA Refining a Pedagogy that Works for You and Your Students
Douglas Habib

Settling into a gratifying and effective pedagogical style doesn’t have to be a chore. This session explores different techniques you can use to find, adapt, or adopt what works best for you and your students. We will discuss practices that you have used, learning goals that you have, and different options that can simplify and enhance your effort and impact.


New Faculty Success

Resource Materials for New Faculty

Dedicated Instructional Design Support

Every new faculty member will have a dedicated instructional designer on-hand to help with all aspects of course design, delivery, and assessment, from creating a learning-centered syllabus to mastering and integrating Canvas tools to reviewing and redesigning your classes –we are here every step of the way. Our team of experts will help you create significant learning experiences suitable for all instructional modalities –face-to-face, online, or hybrid, in the classroom or in the field.

Teaching/Classroom Observations

Teaching ObservationUsing evidence-based practices, three members of the CETL team, all with faculty credentials and faculty development expertise, are on-hand to observe your teaching and provide feedback to enhance teaching, learning, and student engagement. Working one-on-one with the faculty, we take the time to learn about your class, your learning goals, and your teaching strategies, as well as your interests, obstacles, and even frustrations. This powerful strategy not only demonstrates your commitment to excellence in teaching and learning but fosters a climate and practice of informed innovation as an instructor. We offer custom solutions based on empirical observations, tailoring pedagogical alternatives to your specific teaching and learning environments and experiences.

Going Full TILT

Transparency in Learning and Teaching(TILT)What is TILT? It is a Transparency in Learning and Teaching in Higher Ed initiative that promotes students success through: (1) a conscious understanding of how students learn –and how we help them understand their own learning, (2) sharing practices and data about student learning across institutions and disciplines, and (3) working with faculty to design clear and effective learner- and learning-centered assignments. Together, we can shrink the gap between faculty expectations and student performance.

New Faculty Success




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